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What is Blamite?

The Blamite Game Engine is a project that aims to become a fully-featured modern game engine. We plan to take some of the concepts and features from Halo's engine, rewrite them for the modern day, and use them as a foundation for a powerful 3D game engine that will power all of our games going forward - and someday, for teams outside of Elaztek Studios to take it and create something of their own with it.

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Note: Development builds are NOT guarunteed to be stable, usable or even safe. Use them at your own risk.

Our Goals


Halo's Engine has a number of unique features, concepts, and quirks that make it easily identifiable. We plan to include some (though not all) of these features and quirks within Blamite to some extent. Some may be implemented differently, some may be left behind entirely, and others might be available but given a toggle setting somewhere.


Halo's Engine isn't perfect. The Editing Kit tends to be less than friendly to new users, and older versions are unable to support any sort of "live-service" style game. We plan to make Blamite easier to use and pick up, better for long-term support, and even be able to be used for things besides first-person shooters.


We aren't building this engine to produce games that look straight out of 2001. Nor are we building an engine that's meant to run on Windows 98. While many of Blamite's core concepts are rooted in the past, the goal is to create an engine that, from a gameplay perspective, looks and feels modern - while the old school look is kept for the Editing Kit.

But the real question is: why?

We are developing this for the same reason we are developing Project: Infinity. Out of passion. The Blam engine is an incredibly fun engine to play with, and with our first project being Project: Infinity - a fan made Halo game, it's a match made in heaven. Beyond that, we plan to continue to develop and update the engine from here on moving forward.

What is Blamite NOT?

All that being said, there's a few disclaimers we want to make: Blamite is NOT a reverse-engineering project. It is not intended to be a perfect replication of any iteration of Halo's engine. And, of course - it is not a project designed to infringe or profit off of Microsoft's intellectual property.

For more details on the specific goals of Blamite, check out the FAQ.

View the Blamite FAQ

How can I help?

Developer or not, you CAN be of major help to us.

For Developers

If you're skilled with C++ and/or C#, feel free to hop on board! We generally want people who have a rough idea how game engines work. Bonus points if you're well-versed in Halo's engine and how it works.

Do keep in mind, you don't need to have 10 years of C++ experience or be some kind of pro with it. Really, as long as you're somewhat comfortable using it, other members of our team can help you out when need be.

Additionally, if you aren't familiar with Halo's engine, fear not! We'll do our best to guide and help you with how things should/shouldn't be.

Join the Team

For Non-Developers

If you're good with the other parts of game development (Art, Music, Sound, etc), you can apply too! Keep in mind you won't have a ton of work for a while, but even so there are things here and there we'd like to have made.

If you're just a regular joe who isn't skilled enough in all this stuff, you can still help too. Spread the word! Blamite is still very unknown to most people - so getting the word around will increase our chances of being noticed by developers out in the wild, which means more people who might be able to hop on board. Go forth and represent.

Interested in joining the team?

If so, you can apply using the nice button below.

Apply to the Blamite Game Engine Team


Engine Guides

Looking to learn about how the engine works? Check out the Engine Guides - a collection of handwritten documents detailing many engine features, and how to use them.

Latest Guides
Historical Guides Index


Are you already part of our team? Are you curious as to how Blamite works under the hood? Check out our generated documentation, powered by Doxygen, for all the details on Blamite's codebase.

Latest Documentation
Historical Docs Index


Curious as to what Blamite can do, visually? Check out the gallery!

Engine Gallery
Guerilla Gallery
Sapien Gallery
Foundry Gallery