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  2. So, last night the forums and main website went offline for a little while. The reason? It wasn't just some typical maintenance this time - rather, it was a frantic effort to try and restore corrupted SQL data. What happened is that last night, my power flickered for just a mere second - and this would end up creating a nightmare scenario that I'd have to untangle. The webserver runs out of my house of course, and the power flicker caused it to briefly shut off. As a result of this power flicker, the SQL server used by the cPanel/WHM VM that hosts the websites themselves became corrupted - and I was initially unsure if I'd be able to get anything back. Luckily, it turns out that we had an automatic backup from just a couple months ago. Along with that, I was able to drag and drop the current databases into a clean mysql folder - and most of them turned out to be undamaged. A handful of tables were refusing to load - as part of the restoration process required a file called ibdata1 from the backup, and several new tables have been created since then that didn't exist before. These tables were the ones that failed to load. Chaotic United's forums didn't suffer from those tables much. Only one table was in that state, and it was just a table for basic caching - nothing important. Elaztek's website however had tables for Stratagem that were added - which is what we use over there (and in CU as well) to track various bugs, features, and overall progress for various projects. Thankfully, I was able to start up the old, damaged mysql folder with innodb_force_recovery set to 5 - and was able to then dump the stratagem tables for Elaztek, start up the clean and good mysql folder, and reimport them - and it worked. At that point, all tables in all databases were found to be clean with no obvious errors, and I could breathe a sigh of relief. We were extremely lucky to escape this situation unharmed, however it's still partially my fault. Not the power outage, of course - but the fact that the most recent backup was still two months old. You see, WHM (the software under which Chaotic United and Elaztek's websites run within, and used within virtually any webhost plan out there) can (and is) configured to run automatic backups. It was previously set to run backups every other day, once a week, and once a month together. The idea is that we'd have numerous backups available, going back up to 6 months. Then, in the event that a situation like this were to happen - no sweat, just restore the backup from yesterday or the day before. The issue is that there are perpetual disk space issues that I've continued to struggle with, and as such the machine that hosts the webserver is critically low on disk space just like everything else. Backups don't get created if there's less than 5% available - which, as of right now, there isn't. The good news is that Michael is going to help me solve this in the short term - since my long term solution is still nearly a year away. He's going to help me get a UPS for the machine in order to avoid any future power failures, as well as get me a spare 6TB hard disk that I can use to free up some breathing room on both my main PC as well as the webserver. This ought to ensure that this wont be an issue going forward, rather than having this be a potential risk for the next 12 months or so. The other good news is that, once again - we managed to come out the other side effectively unscathed. All data is intact, including the data for Elaztek's stratagem. All databases have been checked over and everything seems to be in order. But of course - in the offchance that you find something that seems as if it could be a sign of database corruption, let me know immediately. Other than that, well - I'm sorry. I apologize for putting us in this situation to begin with, and I'm going to do everything I can to ensure that it never happens again.
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    6/26/2021 Update

    * Renamed all archived doxygen index pages prior to build 325 to index_.html, as the links for those pages always go to latest rather than the individual documentation archive * Redesigned Blamite logo and updated uses across the website * Redesigned Elaztek Developer Hub and Doxygen index pages to be more consistent with main website design * Renamed Chief Operating Officer rank to Chief Technology Officer - Removed Killerteddy
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    6/13/2021 Update

    * Renamed 'First Name' to 'Full Name' in Staff Application form * Added question '' to Staff Application form - Removed Killerteddy
  5. * Archived role: Halo Fan Game Bros * Archived channel: #fan-projects - Removed Killerteddy
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    5/24/2021 Update

    * Redesigned Team Hub page - Removed 'Team Jobs' link from Team navigation menu - Removed Killerteddy
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    5/22/2021 Update

    + Added theme: Midnight 7.2 + Added theme: Daylight 7.2 + Midnight 7.1: Added banner for Stratagem * Restored custom editor toolbars (these were temporarily reset while diagnosing the 500 error mentioned before) * Fixed group badges in profiles being too large - Removed Killerteddy Changes in Midnight/Daylight 7.2 from 7.1: + Added subtitle text to all page headers (where applicable) + Added color picker to allow user customization of accent color * Changed QType Pro font to Indoscreen * Redesigned profile page * Improved info box styles * Improved club name when being displayed within the club header
  8. Hey, everyone! We've officially rolled out a (somewhat) brand new default theme! What started out as me doing some simple theme fixes on some staff-only stuff gradually turned into a full fledged theme upgrade that, while not a groundbreaking upgrade, did change enough that I felt branching it off into a separate theme was appropriate. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Midnight (and Daylight) 7.2! Let's go over what it has in store. Color Picker First and foremost, the theme introduces a color picker, allowing you to change the accent color to anything you want. Not a fan of the default bright blue? Change it on the fly by clicking the paintbrush icon near the top-right, next to the notification bell. You can change the color back to the default at any time, and your changes are done on a per-browser basis. The All-New Profile Page Once again, this is one of those areas where I got a little carried away. I originally wanted to take the cover photo and make it display in page banner style seen in most other pages. What ended up happening instead is that the entire page got shuffled around. What was formerly in the (often very tall) sidebar has since been moved to a new tab within the profile page, simply called 'Profile'. The sidebar itself was then removed outright - leaving the main profile content to take precedence. And, yes - your cover photo now displays in all its glory in the background of the page, and has a neat little parallax effect as you scroll down. There is one small limitation of this implementation, however, which is that it required that the ability to position the cover photo on this theme be disabled. In other words, if someone is using a different theme, the cover might not be in the ideal position - but for the vast majority of users sticking with the default theme, it'll look just fine. Page Banner Changes Next up, we've done some subtle changes to the page banners that are on most of those pages. First, we introduced support for the inclusion of a page subtitle. This way, if you're viewing a specific topic on forums, or looking at a specific category within the download center, you'll see that reflected in the header in the form of a subtitle. The other slightly less significant change is a change of font. Formerly, we were using a font called QType Pro, which came from Halo 5: Guarians' in-game UI. In the interest of being a bit more distinct, we've changed to a new font called Indoscreen - which is entirely free for personal and commercial use, and happens to still look quite close to the QType Pro font - while still looking a touch fresher. Bugfixes The least interesting part of the theme upgrade, is of course the fixing of several bugs from Midnight 7.1. Most notably, the blue information boxes fit in a bit better with the theme, and header images for clubs are now a bit easier to read. There's been a couple other tiny ones here or there, but those are the main fixes. And, as usual - if you aren't a fan of the new changes, Midnight 7.1 is still available - as with all of our other previous website themes. Just click the Theme menu in the bottom left and choose your desired theme. But... What About Blamite? Now, I know what you must be thinking - that website stuff is cool and all, but what about the game engine? Does it video game yet? Unfortunately, the answer is, and will likely continue to be for some time, no. However, that isn't to say no progress has been made. Guerilla is now fully usable for basic tag editing - including reading, writing, compiling, and decompiling. My hope is that here within a month or two, we'll be able to share a second development update video - and this time not having it be hours long and a big ramble-y mess. Development has been slower for the past month or two, as I've once again had to switch jobs. Additionally, I've been working to try and stop sleeping so long - as this alone is a major contributing factor to why progress slows to a crawl when I'm employed. I was formerly sleeping roughly 12 hours a night. Which of course meant that, if I had work the next few days, I'd be at work for 8-9 hours, plus an hour for transportation, which left me 2 hours left in the day to do something with - usually making dinner and getting ready for bed. This of course is ridiculous and a horrible way to live for a variety of reasons, and it made it so that a work day was just that - a day where I did basically nothing but work and get ready for work the next day. The good news is I've been able to mostly get on an ~8 hour sleep schedule, though I've been a bit groggier and tired than usual. Odds are my body is just so used to 12 hours a night that it's gonna take some time to adjust to losing 1/3rd of that. Another thing I've done recently is set up something called Stratagem - which, if you're familiar with Trello (or other Kanban-style boards), is basically that - except it's self hosted and lives right here within the Elaztek Website. Chaotic United has had one for a while, and it's been pretty great at keeping an ongoing list of stuff that needs to be worked on, rather than relying on people remembering or a crufty to-do list topic somewhere. If you aren't familiar with it, the basic premise is to be a digital version of writing down quick sticky notes and putting them on a wall or board. You can create a card with nothing other than a rough title of what you're wanting to do. Unlike real-world sticky notes, however, you can open up these cards and add additional information to them - including task lists, detailed descriptions, badges, and comments. You can also assign users to them and set due dates for cards as well. Blamite's Stratagem had all of its old Gitlab issues moved over, and a whole bunch of new stuff added - which should help keep things better organized and managed going forward. The effect will be fairly minimal this early on and with such a small team, but even with just myself I find it a big help being able to quickly write down a thought or idea on a card and not have to worry about remembering it days or weeks later. That's all we've got for now, folks - stay tuned, as we hope to share a second development update for Blamite sooner rather than later.
  9. haloman30

    5/19/2021 Update

    * Fixed a 500 error that was occurring with the default theme * Fixed Elaztek Studios, Midnight, and Midnight 7 themes not being accessible by normal users * Updated 'General Gaming' forum icon * Fixed a misconfiguration in outgoing email SMTP settings (hopefully this fixes the long-standing email issues?) * Fixed Shoutbox permissions - Removed Killerteddy
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    5/13/2021 Update

    + Added icons to navigation menu for the following items: Blamite Homepage, Blamite FAQ, Blamite Documentation, Blamite Guides, Developer Hub, Nextcloud - Removed Killerteddy
  11. haloman30

    5/8/2021 Update

    + Added group: COO (Chief Operating Officer) + Added group: +Senior Members * All forum groups can now store an unlimited number of private conversations * All groups can now view display name history for any user * Updated group badge designs for all groups * (Non-Premium) Members who reach 500 total posts will be automatically promoted to Senior Member * Fixed some groups being unable to set signatures * Fixed some groups being unable to attach files to editor fields within application forms * Fixed some groups being unable to change their display name * Renamed group 'Members' to 'Member' - Removed total uploaded attachment size limit for all forum groups - Removed Killerteddy
  12. The game engine has various configuration settings available that tweak how the engine functions. Many of these are unimplemented and will be introduced at a later date. Implemented Settings Directories and Paths (paths) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type game_data_root The root of any game files (levels, tags, movies, etc.) any valid relative path {$APPDIR} string user_data_root The path for any user files (game/map variants, config files, savegames, etc.) any valid relative path {$DOCUMENTS}\My Games\Project Infinity string user_mods_dir The folder to store any user-installed mods any valid relative path {#user_data_root}\mods string raw_data_dir The folder to store any miscellaneous loose files. any valid relative path {#game_data_root}\content string raw_data_images_dir The folder to store any loose images (.PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .JPG) any valid relative path {#raw_data_dir}\Gallery string screenshots_dir The folder to store any user-captured screenshots any valid relative path {#user_data_root}\screenshots\ string levels_dir The folder to store game cache files (.maps) any valid relative path {$APPDIR}\maps string fonts_dir The folder to store any game fonts any valid relative path {#levels_dir}\fonts string tags_dir The folder to store any individual tag files that aren't part of any given cache file any valid relative path {$APPDIR}\tags string plugins_dir The folder that XML plugins will be saved to upon being generated any valid relative path {$APPDIR}\plugins string engine_resource_dir The folder to store any miscellaneous engine resources any valid relative path {$APPDIR}\data string Resource Settings (resources) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type force_regenerate_game_engine_text Whether or not to forcibly re-create the default game engine text file, overwriting any user changes true or false true bool force_regenerate_globals Whether or not to forcibly re-create the default globals file, overwriting any user changes true or false true bool Logger Settings (logging) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type clear_log_first Whether or not to clear the log file at startup (only applies for standard logs and reports) true or false true bool enable_multi_log Whether or not to enable "multi-logging", which creates a new log file for each run true or false true bool log_format The log format to use, HTML has the option to have stylized logs html, txt, or both html string multi_log_dir The directory to store multi-logs any valid relative path logs string reports_dir The directory to store reports any valid relative path reports string use_reports Whether or not to use reports instead of just debug.txt/debug.html. true or false true bool stylized_html_logs Whether or not to enable CSS styling for HTML logs true or false true bool console_color_set The color set to use for the console classic, new, or custom new string show_header_in_stylized_reports If enabled, the log header will be included even in stylized reports. The header was originally only visible in plain HTML or text logs. true or false true bool include_extras_in_stylized_reports If enabled, the additional blank line and Ώ ∞ messages will be printed after the header. These serve no purpose other than as a cosmetic feature. true or false false bool bypass_queue If enabled, the logger queue will not be used outside of initial startup. May cause increased IO usage, but can be used to ensure that no log messages are lost in the event of an exception. true or false false bool ImGUI Display Settings (imgui) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type Notes sys_font The font package to load for ImGUI name of any TTF format file in /maps/fonts font_package_dbg string Fonts should be placed in /maps/fonts. If sys_font_force_extension is set to true, the file extension must be set to .bin extension, and this config option should be the font name without the extension. Ex: if the font file is "font-package-en.bin", then this value should be "font-package-en". sys_font_force_extension Whether or not to force a .bin file extension for fonts true or false true bool sys_font_size The font size to use for ImGUI any float or int 15.0f float Debug Settings (debug) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type hsc_debug Whether or not to print HaloScript parsing details to console true or false false bool csc_debug Whether or not to print CommandScript parsing details to console true or false false bool screenshot_debug Whether or not to print screenshot debugging details to console true or false false bool debugMode Whether or not debug mode is enabled true or false true bool placeholder_debug Whether or not to print extra placeholder info to console at startup true or false true bool config_colors_debug If enabled, will print a series of dummy messages for each warning severity. Useful for ensuring messages are displaying properly. true or false true bool Debugging UI (blam_ui) Settings (debug_ui) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type ui_default_font The default font package to use for rendering debug text. Name of any font package (.bin) or folder with fontinfo.xml within its root fixedsys_ttf string Rendering Settings (rendering) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type rendering_engine -- vulkan, directx, opengl, bgfx opengl string vulkan_log_level Minimum severity for Vulkan log messages to be printed to console. verbose, info, warning, error warning string vulkan_device -- auto, first, any valid device index auto string Sentry Settings (sentry) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type enable_sentry Whether or not to enable Sentry support. true or false true bool sentry_host The URL for Sentry to use to send diagnostics data. Any valid Sentry ingest URL. https://[email protected]/5259190 string Font Settings (fonts) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type use_font_table Whether or not to use font_table.txt to retrieve the list of available fonts. true or false true bool draw_shadow_separately Whether or not to draw text shadow as a separate text object. (?) true or false true bool Console Settings (console) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type extraConsoleOutputPadding Whether or not to keep some space between console output (equal to 1 line) or not. (original games did not have extra spacing) true or false true bool useEnhancedBooleanCommands Whether or not to use enhanced boolean command handling true or false false bool useEnhancedGvarMessages Whether or not to use more informative messages for setting script gvars from console. When disabled, messages will display as they did in the official Bungie games. true or false false bool Debug Menu Settings (debug menu) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type useAlternateDebugMenuUnknownGlobalDisplay Whether or not use an alternative display mode for missing globals in the debug menu. Defaults to `false` which uses the classic display style seen in Halo 2 true or false false bool autoGenerateNewDebugMenuFile If disabled, the engine will not generate the default `debug_menu_init.xml` file if it isn't found. As such, it will attempt to load `debug_menu_init.txt` but this will almost certainly fail. true or false true bool Engine Features (features) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type use_discord_rpc Whether or not to enable Discord Rich Presence true or false true bool show_firstboot Whether or not to show the firstboot dialog true or false true bool show_windows_menubar Whether or not to show the standard Windows menu bar true or false true bool use_custom_cursor Whether or not to use the game's custom cursor true or false true bool enable_imgui_gamepad_nav Whether or not to allow ImGUI to be used with gamepad navigation true or false true bool Networking Settings (network) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type use_netcode Whether or not to enable networking true or false true bool Multithreading Settings (threading) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type use_separate_render_thread Whether or not to run rendering on it's own thread. Changing may have undesirable consequences. true or false true bool Appearance Settings (`appearance`) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type use_themed_windows Whether or not to use visual themes on dialogs true or false true bool use_themed_controls Whether or not to use visual themes on dialog controls true or false false bool Miscellaneous Options (miscellaneous) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type screenshot_format The format to use for saving screenshots TBA PNG string Special Settings - Don't touch these (special - don't touch these) Setting Name Description Valid Values Default Value Type conf-ver The configuration version, used for upgrading if need be any int 1 int Placeholders Information on placeholders has been moved [here](Placeholders). Referencing other Config Options A configuration value can include the value of another option by using the following format: {#config_option_id} Example Take the following configuration settings: raw_data_dir=content raw_data_images_dir={#raw_data_dir}\Gallery raw_data_images_dir would evaluate to: content/Gallery Unimplemented Settings Many of these settings may not get implemented for reasons that will soon seem obvious. Many of these were conceptualized by a young boy who had little knowledge at the time of how any of this shit works. They describe ambiguous and random features that, in some cases, flat out don't make any sense. They remain here as a reference only in the event that some of these get implemented in the future - just to satisfy that young boy's visions and make them into reality (or something like that).
  13. This page contains details on planned (or currently implemented) command line arguments and switches. The table columns contain the following values: Switch - The name of the switch or argument Flags - Used for arguments, provides additional information for the argument Description - Information about the given switch or argument Switch Flags Description -autogenplugins Automatically generate XML plugins for Guerilla at startup. -dpi_unaware Instructs the program to run in a DPI-unaware mode. Will only have an effect when used with the game executable. -sdl_single_buffer Instructs SDL to run in single-buffer mode. Will only have an effect when used with the game executable.
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    Tools Overview

    Several tools are available to create content for the Blamite Game Engine. Foundry Foundry is Blamite's unified editing environment. In order to aid in making the engine easier to use, welcoming to newcomers, and in the spirit of making Blamite usable as a modern game engine, you can use Foundry as a complete alternative to the legacy editing tools. It is designed from the ground up to be easy to use, and familiar to those who are more accustomed to other engines like Unity or Unreal. All of the features listed below for the legacy tools exist as part of Foundry as well. Legacy Editing Kit For those who are more familiar with and prefer the legacy editing tools, the legacy editing tools also exist and are fully usable. The classic tools act as libraries for Foundry, and as such will often receive new features alongside Foundry. Guerilla Guerilla is Blamite's tag editor. This is where you'll be creating engine-specific content, as well as importing external assets into a format that the engine can use. Sapien Sapien is Blamite's level editor. This is where you'll be populating levels with weapons, objects, vehicles, and more. Tool Tool is the program used to compile tags into cache files, as well as perform other tag/content maintenance operations. To learn more about Cache Files, visit this page. Specialized Utilities A series of specialized, purpose-built utilities also exist. Over time, these will be folded into Foundry. But for now, they remain as standalone utilities. FontTool FontTool (formerly FontPackager) is a program used to create Blamite font packages. Font packages are used to make fonts available to the game engine. To learn more about Font Packages, visit this page.
  15. + Enabled Gallery * Fixed some theme issues with Midnight 7.1 - Removed Killerteddy
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    Project: Infinity Screenshots

    Any screenshots taken of Project: Infinity can be found here.
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    Galactiminer Screenshots

    Screenshots of Galactiminer can be found here.
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    Blamite Screenshots

    Any screenshots of the Blamite Game Engine can be found here. Screenshots of the various tools within the engine can be found in separate albums.
  19. A quick follow-up: We've also gone ahead and launched the Gallery! We would've done it before, but the Gallery addon was causing pretty serious issues on our old host. Running our own hardware seems to result in the Gallery working a lot nicer. We've added a gallery for any current and future screenshots of our own projects, as well as a category for you guys to create your own albums. I've put a couple in that category containing the old avatars and cover photos from - if you're interested. Check it out at!
  20. haloman30 Profile Photos

    An archive of the default profile photos that were available on
  21. haloman30 Cover Photos

    An archive of the default cover photos that were available on
  22. Here, you can find a list of any old pages which have been replaced, removed, or are otherwise no longer being updated. It is entirely possible that these links will break over time. If any of the links below fail to work for any reason, you are encouraged to submit a bug report. Chances are, the page still exists somewhere - we just moved it during some mass organization effort. Please keep in mind that these pages are NOT being updated. Many of them WILL contain outdated or inaccurate information. They were removed/replaced for a reason. Homepages Initial Temporary Homepage (v0): Homepage v1: Homepage v2: Homepage v3: Error Pages 404: 404 (Alternate, never finished): Soon™: Policies and Documents Community Guidelines: Raven Runner Privacy Policy: Raven Runner Terms of Service: File Submission Guidelines: Rank Information: Informational Pages About Elaztek Studios: Early About Section About Elaztek: Careers: Game History: Publications: Style Guide: Company Pages Projects: Redeem Code: Trademarks: Games and Projects Project: Infinity Nameplates: Elaztek Launcher Data Collection & Logging: Blamite Game Engine Material Website Homepage: Homepage (weird business license page thing): Team Application: Version History: About/Overview: Databases Helpcenter Under Maintenance Page: Old Wrapper (now empty, made using Visual Editor): Old Wrapper (now empty, has sidebar): Product DB Product Page Test: Product List Test: Product DB: Forms Blamite Team Application: Application Portal: Project: Infinity Team Application: Miscellaneous Pages Official Downloads: Chaotic United Landing Page: Game History: Test Pages 404 Random Phrase JS Test: Answers DB (broken): Articles (default with Pages/IP.Content): IP.Chat Unavailable Page: IP.Chat Test Page: Music Test: Release Notes: UI Demo: Data Files Launcher (NTClient) Changelog (ntclient_versions.json): Latest News Post Data (update.html): Foundation Mod Manager Source Info (fmm_src_info.json): Mod List (mods.json): Forum Archives:
  23. + Added new Favicon image + Added new website section: News & Announcements + Added final notice page to Galactiminer website + Added new About page(s) * Redesigned homepage * News is now its own separate database, rather than being part of forums * Moved News from news_beta page to final news page * Redesigned default error page - Removed 'Feeds' submenu from Team menu - Removed Killerteddy
  24. Boy, this is different, huh? As you can probably already tell, we've done some work on the Elaztek website - some of which is long overdue. Let's jump right into it. New News First and most obvious at this point, our News & Announcements section has gotten a major overhaul. Up until now, all announcements were done through just a subforum, much like how it's has been (and will continue to be) done on Chaotic United. However, for Elaztek we wanted to do something a bit more. In order to make the News-reading experience just a bit nicer, we've made the font size larger than the normal font size you'll find on Forums. You'll also be able to view all the thumbnail images for each announcement when browsing through the archives. For any announcement posted before this one, you'll find a purple book icon in the bottom right of the article when viewing articles in the list, as well as a big block at the bottom of the page content. That allows you to view the original forum topic that the announcement linked to. There usually won't be much real reason to need to do that - since all the announcements are already migrated into the News system anyway, but hey. Previously, we had a really hacky system for getting news to work with our homepage. And it all has to do with those little brief text descriptions. You know - that little quick half-sentence below the announcement title. For this announcement, it's "New year, new website.". You see, there is no system to add arbitrary fields and data to a specific forum topic (or any forum topic, for that matter). But if you recall, our news has had those little blurbs even before this change. So how does that work? Well, this news system you're currently reading this on is a custom database, a feature of our forum software called IPS Community Suite. Through the Pages application, we can use these Databases for virtually anything we want - and we'd been using this one as an intermediary layer between the homepage and the News & Announcements subforum. Without getting too technical, the process for posting a new Announcement was this: Post the announcement on Forums Go to the Beta News page and post an announcement, with a link to the topic, the blurb, and the announcement image Go to the list of announcements in the Beta News page, and unfeature the 2nd most recent announcement Feature the new announcement It may not seem like much, but compared to just posting the announcement and having it be a one-step process? That was absurd. This also neatly leads into the next focus of the redesign (which actually happened before we overhauled the News section). Homepage Redesign Yes, the homepage has a brand new look (mostly). In addition to adding the new Blamite banner underneath the Recent News section, we've removed the old Calendar and Releases sections. But why, you may ask? Well, the reason they were added was because, at the time, we really liked Bungie/Installation 01's website. Our current forums theme is still largely modeled after that design, and the homepage was made to look extremely similar to theirs as well. Since then, however... our tastes have changed a bit. Along with that, we just didn't like how the homepage was sort of forced into mimicking that look no matter what, even though it really didn't fit our needs. We had no real use for the weird calendar thing, nor did we have any need for the Releases section. So, with our new homepage, we just dropped them. The content they reference all still exists (and if you visit the old homepage, those will still work), but they don't serve much real purpose on our new homepage. As implied above, the earlier News setup was also part of that. However, instead of moving News entirely back to Forums, we instead opted to make the News system its own thing - and giving it some healthy improvements to help it stand out. New About Page(s) Another thing that we somehow went this long without creating is a proper About page. Fret not, as we've now introduced one. On the about page, you can find a list of all current and previous projects (most of which were just ideas that never got off the ground, but y'know), some history of Elaztek, and other neat information. You can find that page by clicking here. Dust and Echoes For those of you who were around in 2018, you might recall a project we had called Galactiminer Evolved. For those unaware, this was a dusted-off version of an older project called Galactiminer. Among other things, we actually launched a Kickstarter campaign, which unsurprisingly didn't even come close to succeeding. As of 2019, we formally placed it on indefinite hold and have been focused entirely on Blamite ever since. Thing is, it seems that we forgot to add a proper notice on Galactiminer's own website - whoops. As of now, that's been fixed. The Galactiminer website will remain online for the foreseeable future, although account creation has been disabled on that site - making it read-only. Additionally, while this isn't related to anything Elaztek - since Bungie announced that they were taking down, we took it upon ourselves to make a mostly-complete archive of that website. It doesn't include stats, and some dynamic content won't work. But the bulk of the website itself is there, with care taken to ensure that their old news posts were fully preserved. You can browse our archive at, today and for as long as we exist (unless Bungie lawyers come to complain). Signing Off That's all we've got for now, folks. I'll leave you with a couple screenshots of the current state of the Guerilla rewrite - be sure to join our Discord to see updates as they happen.
  25. Small update: The rest of the site now has banner images! Along with that, we fixed an issue with embed links and replaced the banner image for the Store. Check the full changelog here:
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