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  2. An additional notice: The migration has currently been postponed, as we were once again running into issues with LFS data not being migrated over correctly. A follow-up announcement will be posted when we have a better idea of when the Gitlab will be properly moved.
  3. * Changed Inline Code toolbar button to use a <code> element instead of a <span> - Removed CKEditor extension: Context Menu (the CKEditor context menu can be access with Ctrl + Right Click if needed) - Removed Killerteddy
  4. Howdy Folks, I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be migrating the Elaztek Gitlab to a new server in the next couple days. Since the Gitlab was released to the public, I’ve been running the Gitlab to allow Errite and Elaztek projects to have a place to store their source code. Over the years we have moved the servers a couple times to either, consolidate servers, or upgrade the servers depending on what server hardware Errite had available. Errite has intentions to move our infrastructure from a single baremetal hypervisor server running in Canada to multiple Cloud VPS servers in favor of moving our more important services to a High Availability Container cluster (Primarily DeviantCord services), and some to standalone cloud servers. The Gitlab will not be using a container setup, but instead its own Cloud VPS server that we will continue to maintain. I highly recommend that if you need to access your source code from July 3rd, to July 5th to make sure you have a local copy to work on while we work on migrating the Gitlab and performing necessary checks to ensure a smooth transition. We will post a message on Discord and the forums once maintenance begins, with updates. ~ Rikez/Michael
  5. * Redesigned Bug Tracker - Rather than relying on the old, needlessly-separated bug and issue trackers, the new bug tracker is lifted largely from the Chaotic United forums, with a single system for all bugs - whether they be for the website, Discord, or Blamite. * Redesigned Suggestions Tracker - Rather than the old system with one single category for all suggestions, this also is lifted from CU where each project/service has its own category. * Replaced old (sometimes broken) links to issue tracker with appropriate links to the new bug tracker - Removed Killerteddy
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