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  3. * News & Announcements links posted to social media will now display the image for the announcement, rather than a generic social media logo image * Updated default social media banner image to use new logo - Removed Killerteddy
  4. Engine: + Added tag class: light [ligh] + Added tag class: material [mat] + Added tag class: scenario [scnr] + Added tag class: cache_file_resource_data [zone] (equivalent to cache_file_resource_gestalt) + Added ogre scene editor utility (imgui) + Added real console again (for the first time since the DX11 render woot - open with ~) + Added "cool magic numbers" + Added coordinates display + Added extremely basic extension system + Added option to tie director camera turning to game tick - defaults to off since it seems to cause more problems than it solves at present + Added placeholders for accessing engine and user folders * Fixed tag block, bitfield, and enum fields not being generated properly in plugins - the opening node was closed within the same node, rather than staying open and properly containing its children * Fixed a crash during shutdown caused by event listeners being deleted prior to being unregistered * Director now has separate horizontal/vertical look sensitivity options, rather than a single sensitivity for both * Decreased director near clip distance * Improved engine logger performance * Implemented OGRE-next 2.3 renderer * Changed Fieldset version to 5 * Data reference fields have been increased in size, with new value hints (a 4-character string that can be used to identify the data being stored, only used in Editing Kit for now), and 8 bytes of reserved space for future use - Removed standalone OpenGL renderer - Removed standalone Vulkan renderer - Removed bgfx renderer Guerilla: + Added support for vector2, vector3, and vector4 fields + Added support for color fields + Added support for fieldref fields - These are fields which allow tags to self-reference other fields within a tag + Added a warning dialog when closing a modified tag + Added support for "input hints" to some fields - this is a piece of text that will display to the right of some fields, indicating valid input + Added support for opening the game viewport, currently used for previewing material changes in real-time + Added Tag Designer - A new visual, drag-n-drop editor for creating and modifying tag definitions * Fixed "Editing Compiled Tag" warning being present in a newly created tag * Fixed a crash when opening certain tags (seemed to be tags that weren't part of a project) * Renamed float32 field to real * Changing any tag field will mark the tag as having been modified * Fixed a bug where closing tool windows (output, style editor, explorer bar) with the X button on the window itself would not properly update the check state in the View menu * Improved classic theme styles for tag blocks and comments * Fixed several fields not having their UI widgets disabled when viewing as a template (ie, when viewing the contents of a block with no entries) * Data reference fields now provide an option to view and edit data using the new built-in Hex Editor (which is more in-line with a standard hex editor) or Code Editor (which provides syntax highlighting for many languages) * Style Editor now has syntax highlighting support Sapien: + Added WIP Hierarchy View + Added early WIP workspace support + Added loading dialog when opening a scenario + Added Properties Palette + Added configuration file support * Fixed About dialog closing immediately after opening * Sapien now requires that scenarios be part of a project - opening scenario tags directly is no longer supported * Fixed a crash caused by a race condition when updating the Game View status bar Foundry: + Added configuration file support Editing Kit (All tools): * Editor tick rate now runs at 30TPS (was 10TPS) * Minor Output window performance improvements * Windows Classic (modified) theme improvements * Settings dialog no longer blocks the main window thread
  5. Notice All versions of the Blamite Game Engine from this point and prior, proper changelogs were not accurately tracked. As such, this changelog, as well as all others before, will likely be inaccurate and incomplete. Numerous overhauls and changes were made between this build and the most recent previous changelog (from 2018). + Added early versions Editing Kit tools: Guerilla, Foundry, Sapien, FontExtractor, Tool * Significant engine codebase overhauls * Engine configurations expanded from Debug and Release to: cache debug, cache test, cache release, tag debug, tag test * Rendering is now handled primarily through bgfx (though the earlier DX11 renderer is still usable via configuration changes) * Editing Kit tools are now handled using Qt5 * Other changes too numerous to list
  6. This version introduces support for CSC and HSC. It focuses primarily on command-based scripting. It also introduces BlamPhyLib and BlamMathLib, both of which are preperations for a basic phyiscs engine. It also introduced a special crash screen that are displayed on asserts.
  7. This version introduces the console, as well as several commands, as well as adds a work-in-progress stats view. It also tests shadowed text by re-drawing the same content twice (hacky but it works).
  8. This version marks real feature additions to the engine. Screenshots were now being properly taken/saved, and an 'Open Game Dir' function was introduced.
  9. This version includes various attempts at screenshot functions, and marked the point where the legacy DirectX SDK was retired in favor of the updated DirectX Toolkit (DirectXTK).
  10. This is the inception of the engine. It introduced DirectX 11 rendering, and the ImGUI debugging UI system.
  11. * Fixed pagination on Blamite commits page - Removed Killerteddy
  12. + Added "About" dropdown to primary navbar * Moved "News & Announcements" menu item from Community to About menu * Moved "About" submenu from Help to About menu - Removed "Home" primary navbar item - Removed Killerteddy
  13. * Fixed an issue on Midnight 7.3 where Daylight mode would be enabled by default when logged in - Removed Killerteddy
  14. * Changed CAPTCHA type from reCAPTCHA v2 to hCaptcha - Removed Killerteddy
  15. * Fixed an issue where the detailed loading wheel would sometimes display with an invalid white character on top of the intended icon - Removed Killerteddy
  16. * Fixed an issue with the Job Portal where the "Apply Now" button would say that applications were disabled if a user was not logged in * The "View Submitted Applications" link on the Job Portal home now links to the Sign-In page if a user is not logged in * Fixed missing link to Team Member Expectations page when viewing a volunteer job posting in Job Portal (and added link to Team Member Guidelines) - Removed Killerteddy
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  18. * Fixed Blamite and Sandbox commits pages not displaying properly - Removed Killerteddy
  19. Hey, everyone! As you can see, our website is back online! Some of you may (or may not) have noticed that the website was offline for a couple days - all kicked off by an attempted hardware upgrade on the server. If you're interested in the details, keep on reading. How it Started The hardware upgrade in question was a graphics card - this was intended to allow for the Jenkins server to have more flexibility when it comes to building certain projects - namely, Sandbox. Godot 3.x requires that a GPU be present when building under Windows - and so, unless we wanted to upgrade to Godot 4, we needed graphics acceleration. Part of this process was migrating the Jenkins from its own dedicated server, to a virtual machine (VM) under our hypervisor - which in our case is a separate server running Proxmox. The existing server install was migrated from the original server to its new VM without any issue - but upon shutting everything down to install the graphics card, it was clear that the card was a bit too large, and would not physically fit within the server. As such, it was closed up - with plans to add a new graphics card later on down the line. Ideally, that would've been the end of it - just a brief, 30ish minute outage, and nothing more. Unfortunately, while all other VMs booted up without issue, one of them didn't - and you can probably guess which one it was. Upon realizing the website wasn't accessible, we checked into the VM - and realized it was failing to boot from its virtual hard disk. Further investigation showed that the partition table on the disk was seemingly corrupted - all software believed the disk was completely unallocated. The Recovery Process The process first began by trying to restore the original installation of CentOS 7, avoiding any need to reconfigure or reinstall anything. After several attempts, and even some degree of success in restoring the partition table - we got somewhat close, it just wasn't quite enough. We were able to get some partitions to be readable again, but we couldn't get it bootable. We also tried restoring two different Proxmox VM backups - both to no avail. Whatever had happened, it wasn't right on that day - it happened at least a few days ago, and potentially longer ago than that. Given this, and given that CentOS 7 reaches end-of-life in June 2024, we decided instead to try a different approach - which was simply reinstalling the OS entirely. Even if we managed to get the original install back, it wasn't a guarantee that we'd get it working entirely correctly. And considering we had no real idea what caused this issue to begin with - it was also possible that the issue could repeat itself again. And to top it all off - we'd still have to ultimately reinstall the OS regardless in around 6 months time anyways. This in itself was not a simple task either - as it took a few different attempted combinations of operating system and cPanel/WHM version before we found a combination that would work properly. Last night, we finally got things up and running as desired - and overnight, we reimported the automatic backup that WHM created of the cPanel account - which worked almost perfectly out of the box. The Result After some further reconfiguration, almost everything is exactly as it was - there should be essentially zero data loss - as the backup was from the same day that we performed the original hardware maintenance. Maybe a few hours of lost registrations or logs - but that's it. However, there is one thing that some of you will notice won't work anymore - some of our older archives, primarily on Chaotic United. Any archives of the CU main website or forums are no longer functional - as they require PHP 5.6 - which has been end-of-life for nearly 5 years. The old main website ran under IP.Board 3.4.x, same with the old forum archives - and a few other things here and there. Everything that required an older version of PHP will now display a 403 page, and it will likely remain this way for some time. In the future, we plan to set up a dedicated server, fully isolated from everything else, specifically to run these older websites and keep them up and running. We don't have a timeframe on when this will happen - as currently, I'm quite busy with work and preoccupied with other projects (primarily Sandbox and Blamite) - but you can be rest assured that we've got all of the data perfectly intact still, and that at some point down the line, we'll be bringing this stuff back online. In terms of non-archival stuff, however - you shouldn't notice any issues, and everything should be exactly as it was before this whole mess. To wrap up - if you happen to find anything that doesn't seem quite right, be sure to report it on our bug tracker, or let us know on our Discord server - and we'll investigate as soon as we're able. For now, though, that's all we've got. We apologize for this downtime, and we hope that getting things up and running on a fresh VM, with a newer OS, will prevent something like this from happening again.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This is a pre-alpha release of our Untitled Sandbox Project. To view the changelog for this update (and other updates), check the associated update notes blog entry:
  21. + Added Settings UI + Added "Human" character type + Added "debug_char" character type + Added an additional easter egg world feature (currently not generated anywhere) + Added item: Torch + Added in-game chat (opened with T or /) + Added support for in-game commands, accessible from chat - type /help for a list of commands + Added commands: /help, /time, /update_lights, /version + Added tile-based lighting system + Added support for digging/breaking most tiles + Added font: Munro - used in several places where Silkscreen used to be used, such as item tooltips, username tags, text input fields, etc. * Buttons now shift their text down when pressed * Character editor now supports character type, and several character appearance settings * Character editor now allows for the preview to be rotated and previewed with different animations * Shovel no longer breaks cliffs instantly, and requires cliffs be dug for a moment * Various improvements and bugfixes - Shovel can no longer be used to place cliffs
  22. Halo you should add egg rolls into your game
  23. + Added "Projects" menu to navbar (replaces Blamite dropdown item) + Added Sandbox and Donation Store to Projects dropdown in navbar + Added Sandbox homepage + Added Sandbox commit history page - Removed Killerteddy
  24. Hey, everyone! Despite it only being less than a couple months since we first started on Sandbox, it's managed to come a long way from what we've shown previously. Those of you on our Discord server are already well aware of most of this - but for the rest of you, you might be surprised at what's happened since the project began. So, without any further delay, let's dive right in. World Generation First and foremost, world generation has been greatly improved and expanded from our earliest screenshots. Biomes are now supported, along with various ground details (which we refer to as decorators) such as small grass tufts, rocks, flowers, and things of that nature. Additionally, tile entities are implemented as well - which currently only includes a basic placeholder tree. However, these can be generated per-biome, and so you'll only find trees generating in forest biomes. The last major improvement to world generation comes in the form of what we refer to as world features - these are any sort of developer-designed structure, land formation, or otherwise that can generate within a world. Currently, the only world feature generated is in the form of an easter egg at a specific location on a specific seed - see if you can find it (hint: check the Discord chat history). With all of these changes also brings with it support for multiple worlds. We've also added a couple of comfort features relating to this - for instance, when creating a world, if you provide a string of text as a seed - that original text will be stored along with the parsed-out seed, so you can still keep track of it later on if you'd like. Additionally, worlds will keep track of the version they were last played on, as well as first created on - so you can not only see if a world was played on an older (or newer) version, but you can also see how far back a particular world goes if you were to keep playing on a particularly old one for many years on end. Inventory/UI Additionally, we've made some changes and additions to the user interface. The F3/debug screen shows a great deal more information now, for starters. But of course, we've also introduced a fully functional inventory - with items and everything! It works exactly as you'd expect. You can pick up items dropped in the world, and you can drop your own items in the world if you don't want them anymore. In the future, you'll of course be able to stash your items away in chests and containers. More broadly, a great deal of UI across the board has been introduced and enhanced. The old placeholder UI from the days of Stripper Run have all been either replaced, removed, or updated to better match the aesthetic of Sandbox. It's not perfect - and we no doubt expect to make some tweaks later on as time goes on, but you can get a sense of the sort of aesthetic we're currently leaning towards. We've also introduced new UI for things such as world creation and selection, game settings, pause menu, and the join server screen. Speaking of which... Multiplayer That's right - we've introduced multiplayer support, already! It's got some kinks that need to be ironed out - as it doesn't take much to strain the connections over the internet - but overall, it works relatively well for being in Pre-Alpha. You can either host a server locally by starting a server while in a singleplayer world, or you can download and run a standalone dedicated server executable - which you can run wherever you like. In the future, we'd love to introduce a Bukkit-like plugin API for servers - allowing server owners to have a great deal of ability to customize and tweak the experience players can have on their servers - though in this early stage, it's more of an idea - rather than a commitment we're going to stand by for sure. Character Editor A more recent development that's still very much a work-in-progress is the character editor. It's exactly what it sounds like - it allows you create and edit any number of characters that you can switch between. These can each have their own name and customized appearance. This is currently still very early on, but you can get a sense of where we intend to take it - we want to make this editor as in-depth as possible to give you a great deal of control over how your character looks. In worlds and servers, each character has its own position, inventory, and other data stored separately - effectively, each character is treated as its own separate player, allowing you to easily progress in different ways within the same world, if you like. Mind you, however - this data is still stored per-world. You won't be able to bring your inventory from one world to another, or from singleplayer to multiplayer, or vice versa. This could've been done in theory, but from experience hosting both Minecraft and Valheim servers over at Chaotic United, we've found that Valheim's inventory system - which does allow for stats and items to be brought from singleplayer to multiplayer - makes cheating in illegitimate items trivial. As such, we've opted to keep it more like Minecraft - where your data is tied to the world, rather than the character. Keep up with Development Most recently, we've been working on setting up ways for those of you interested in the development process to keep a closer eye on things - similar to what we have for Blamite. As such, you can now view the commit history and Stratagem pages for Sandbox. For those already familiar with the equivalent pages for Blamite, the Sandbox pages work identically to their Blamite counterparts. For the rest of you - our commits page allows you to view the full commit history of our Git repository for Sandbox. This will include author information, the commit hash, and a title/description detailing the changes. Meanwhile, Stratagem is a Trello/Kanban-style board system built directly into the website - which is what we use internally to keep track of development. We'll have cards for various bugs, new features, ideas that may or may not make their way in, and more. And, of course, the best way to keep up with development in almost-real-time is to join our Discord! We routinely post in the #sandbox channel over there as we work on the project - so you can see things as they happen, often before they're even commited to our Git repository. Wrapping Up For now, though - that's all we've got. As per usual, though - we are still in fact looking for folks to join the Blamite development team! You didn't think we were done with that, did you? While we (or more accurately, I) have been focusing more on Sandbox, we still very much intend to return to working on Blamite at some point. If you're up for joining our team - you can make that happen sooner rather than later. If you're interested in applying, check for our current openings here. You might also be wondering if we're looking for folks to join the Sandbox development team. Currently, we aren't actively looking for folks to join the Sandbox development team. However, if you think you have something to offer - feel free to drop in a general application! Depending on what you can offer, we might be able to make use of the help. In either case, be sure to hop into our Discord to keep up with both Blamite and Sandbox - and we plan to have another update to share with you in the not-too-distant future.
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    Untitled Sandbox Project

    Screenshots taken of Untitled Sandbox Project.
  26. Version 1.0.0


    This is a pre-alpha release of our Untitled Sandbox Project. To view the changelog for this update (and other updates), check the associated update notes blog entry:
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