Forum Rules

  • No double posting allowed - Very annoying for other members of the community to see double posts.
  • "Mature" level discussion - Please keep any mature discussion limited to the "Mature Discussion" forum.
  • No advertising - Meaning no advertising other gaming communities/servers. It will result in a permanent ban.
  • Reputation abuse - Do not abuse reputation. Abusing reputation would be asking for reputation or mass adding reputation to users. You will receive a 50% warning level.
  • No cyber bullying allowed in the community - Includes forums and gaming services. You will receive a 50% warning level if done so.
  • No flaming players & staff members - You will also receive a 50% warning level if done so.
  • Spamming/Hacking/Glitching are not permitted
  • Signature size must not exceed 4 inches or 2.54 centimeters (Browser must be in 100% zoom level to determine the size.) - If you exceed the limit, the staff members will remove it and give you a warning. If done again, signature will be removed and given a 10% warning level.
  • No drama allowed in the community - If any drama appears, it will be either removed or moved away from public immediately. Haloman30 and AwakenedRage, CEO's of Elaztek Studios, will not welcome drama at all.
  • No leaking of personal information - Leaking personal information, in any form, is not allowed. Doing so will result in a 90% warning level on first offense. Repeat offenders will be permanently suspended.


Discord Server Rules

  • Swearing may not be used to insult others. - Swearing is okay in general, but it cannot be used to insult or harass someone.
  • No spamming allowed - Also includes in text chat, voice, and poking.
  • No inappropriate names - You have to connect with your in-game username!
  • No soundboards allowed - Will result in an insta-ban.
  • No NSFW Content is allowed - If a special channel is created specifically created for this type of content in the future, the rule does not apply there. NSFW content will be removed and you will be given a warning on 1st offense. Further offenses may result in being removed from the server.
  • No Political or Religious Bashing - When in the #politics channel, be mature and respect the opinions of others, and try to not be biased (Understand that not all Trump supporters are racist, sexist, anti-LGBT, homophobic, etc. and that not all Hillary supporters are radical feminists). Politics and religion are two topics that are known to divide people, please try to act mature and don't overreact when someone has another opinion besides your own.
  • Have no more than 1 PC/Phone/Tablet device connectedIt is completely unnecessary to have more than one devices connected. If done so, all of the related connected devices will be kicked and given a warning.
  • No racial or otherwise discriminatory language - Do not present yourself as racist or otherwise discriminate against other genders or races
  • No ear rape - Ear rape is unpleasant and depending on a users headset or speaker volume can cause actual hearing loss or damage their speakers. Repeat offenses will result in either you being denied the use of the bots, or the removal of the bots entirely.
  • Keep bots to their own channels - Do not use Aethex outside of #bot_turing_test, and do not use WakaUnited outside of #music.
  • No excessive emoji usage - These messages are distracting and annoying, and can be considered spam.
  • No spamming reactions - Do not apply mass reactions to a message
  • No "ghosting", or posting messages then deleting them after - Mass removal of messages for the purpose of breaking a conversation log or appearing to "not exist" is extremely annoying and causes confusion. Be mature, if you say something, leave it there rather than irritating everyone.
  • Don't change the channels rapidly, it gets really annoying.
  • No abuse of @here or @everyone. Doing so will result in a chat mute - Overuse of these mentions does nothing but piss people off and cause frustration. Only use when necessary.
  • No duplicate or offensive nicknames - Having the same nickname or username as someone else, or having an inappropriate nickname will not be allowed. Your user/nickname should represent you
  • Do not discuss marijuana or other illegal drugs in public chats - People didn't come here to listen to you talk about your drugs. You however are free to discuss them clubs you create, or within private chats. You cannot discuss them in the public space.
  • No leaking of personal information - Leaking personal information, in any form, is not allowed. Doing so will result in a temporary suspension on first offense. Repeat offenders will be permanently suspended.
  • No unsolicited recording of voice chat - Don't record voice chat unless all users in the chat don't have a problem with it. Violation of this will result in a permanent suspension.


Gitlab Rules

  • No copyrighted content - Do not upload copyrighted content to our Gitlab. Doing so will result in loss of your gitlab privileges.
  • No malware, spyware, viruses, or other malicious code - Do not upload code for viruses, malware, PUPs, or other unwanted programs.
  • No cryptocurrency mining software is allowed - Software that mines Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency is not allowed.
  • Do not use the Gitlab for general data storage - This is a place for you to store source code and collaborate, not your cloud storage solution.
  • General Forum/Discord rules apply where possible.



Account Strikes

  • First offense - 30 day suspension from downloading and uploading of files
  • Second offense - 90 day suspension from downloading and uploading files
  • Third offense - 1 year (365 day) suspension from downloading and uploading files
  • Fourth offense - Permanent suspension from downloading and uploading files


Warning Levels

  • 50% - Suspend posting privileges for 1 Day(s)
  • 60% - Suspend posting privileges for 3 Day(s)
  • 70% - Move to banned group (Suspended) for 1 Day(s)
  • 80% - Move to banned group (Suspended) for 3 Day(s)
  • 90% - Move to banned group (Suspended) for 1 Week(s)
  • 100% - Move to banned group (Suspended) for 1 Months(s)


Rules are subject to change without prior notice. We will announce if there's any changes to the rules. Our advice is to check forums often for any updates/changes.


Update Log

Updated: 4/24/2017 at 6:04 PM CDT

Updated: 1/24/2018 at 6:29 PM CDT