Many of our games are built from the ground up with mods and user-generated content in mind. The Blamite Game Engine itself is even designed around it. In addition to the engine having mod support built-in, we also offer a one-stop shop for mods and user content - accessible both within the website, as well as being able to manage, install, remove, and customize mods directly in each of our games.
Before creating and submitting any content to our Download Center, ensure you read over the following guidelines:
General Guidelines
Content must not contain malware, viruses, telemetry, spyware, etc. - Content containing anything that may harm or give the user content they may not want, such as viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, adware, telemetry, tracking, etc. will not be allowed and your access to the download center will be permanently revoked. Cheats and hacks will not be permitted - Content that contains cheats, hacks, aimbots, etc. will not be allowed and your file will be rejected. Content should be thoroughly tested - Bugs happen, we know that. No software is free of error. If your content is found to have damaging effects to gamesaves or cause other irreversible effects, your content will be displayed with a warning informing users of this fact until you are able to fix it. No racism/hate speech - Content that contains racism, in that  the content supports racist activities, will be rejected. If your content is centered around racism as political/social commentary, and is against racism in this portrayal, then your content will not be rejected (atleast not for this reason). Essentially, if your content supports racism, it will be rejected. No harassment/bullying - Content that is created as harassment towards Elaztek, its team, members of its community, or anyone else will be rejected. As with racism/hate speech, if your content makes commentary on this issue, it is permitted. It's when your content supports these actions that it becomes a problem. Rules on NSFW Content - Content which contains mild adult themes are perfectly fine and (usually) won't be subject to any restrictions. If your content contains any strong adult themes, your content will require additional age verification from users to be downloaded. Content that contains illegal materials (ie, pedophilia) will not be permitted. Your content must not contain stolen, ripped, or pirated assets - If your content contains assets that are not your own, is not public domain, and/or you do not have rights to use, it will be rejected. We reserve the right to include your ideas, characters, concepts, and software created for our future or current projects - Elaztek Studios was born out of community passion for a larger franchise, and in staying true to being community-focused and driven, we like to incorporate community ideas here and there into our games, whether they be in the form of technical improvements, storylines, characters, and so on. Should your content or ideas ever directly influence or find their way into any official projects, you will not go uncredited. We will do our best to reach out to you and give you a chance to have your full name provided for proper credit. If we are unable to contact you, your display name on the website will be used instead.  
Adult/NSFW Content
Adult content featuring nudity and other such things are generally considered acceptable, though are subject to a couple other minor guidelines:
Content which contains mild adult themes (and NO nudity) will be available as normal content. Content which contains nudity or strong adult themes will only be available to users who are 18 years of age or older, but is subject to no other restrictions and is permitted. Content which contains adult themes which are considered illegal (ie, non-consensual sexual behavior, sexual content depicting minors, etc) will not be permitted under any circumstance, and will likely result in a permanent account suspension.  
Custom Tools and Applications
Tools which enable online cheating are not allowed - Any tools which enable cheating or hacking in an online setting will not be allowed. Cheats which made available purely for offline or custom games are allowed, as cheating in these areas doesn't cause harm to other players. Tools which involve hacking and malware will not be permitted under any circumstance however. The application source must be provided either to Elaztek Studios, or the tool must be made open-source - We cannot under any circumstance allow malicious software onto our download center. The only way to guarantee this, unfortunately, is that we must have access to the source code of your tool. This includes any future updates to the tool. Only the Owner and Administrators will have access to this code if you choose to keep it closed-source, and we will never use your code for any purpose other than reviewing to ensure that the software is safe to use unless you grant us explicit, written permission. You may alternatively have your project open source on the Elaztek Gitlab, Github, or any other similar website instead.  
If you are a mod author and are unsure if your content is permitted, just ask! You can message any of our staff on the website or Discord, or create a support ticket. More often than not, it'll be safe to upload - but if you feel your content is teetering on the edge - it's better safe than sorry.

Excluding cases where uploaded content violates our submission guidelines or is otherwise deemed unacceptable within the Download Center, user-submitted content cannot and will not be removed later. In order to ensure that any mods which depend on other content remains playable, and to ensure that users can continue enjoying user-created content, we require that any submitted files are permanently available. This includes previous versions of files as well as the entirety of the file itself.
You may be wondering - why? Shouldn't the mod author be able to dictate what to do with their own content?
There have been cases where mods for other games on other platforms have been taken down by the author for various reasons - and as such, users must either seek out old downloads that other community members had lying around, or simply be unable to use their favorite mod anymore. Among other things, Elaztek Studios believes in preservation of content of all sorts. We believe that users should never be locked out of things they enjoy, or forced into a different user experience for no good reason. And while we do generally wish to place as much control as possible into the hands of the user, this is a special case where allowing mod authors to remove their own content is far more damaging than restricting this ability.
You don't have to continuously support or update your mods as an author - that's not what we're saying. You're entirely free to add a note to your file stating that you are no longer updating the content. However - we believe that people should still be able to use that old, unsupported version of the content - after all, there's nothing stopping them from just using an older build of the game, so there's not much to stop them.
The tl;dr - once your content is submitted, there's no take-backs. Once it's shared, its shared - and unless we end up removing it ourselves due to violating one of our guidelines, it can't be taken back offline later.

Archived Pages Index

In Website Topics,

A list of any archived webpages from the website.

Here, you can find a list of any old pages which have been replaced, removed, or are otherwise no longer being updated.
It is entirely possible that these links will break over time. If any of the links below fail to work for any reason, you are encouraged to submit a bug report. Chances are, the page still exists somewhere - we just moved it during some mass organization effort.
Please keep in mind that these pages are NOT being updated. Many of them WILL contain outdated or inaccurate information. They were removed/replaced for a reason.
Initial Temporary Homepage (v0): Homepage v1: Homepage v2: Homepage v3:  
Error Pages
404: 404 (Alternate, never finished): Soon™:  
Policies and Documents
Community Guidelines: Raven Runner Privacy Policy: Raven Runner Terms of Service: File Submission Guidelines: Rank Information:  
Informational Pages
About Elaztek Studios: Early About Section About Elaztek: Careers: Game History: Publications: Style Guide: Company Pages Projects: Redeem Code: Trademarks:  
Games and Projects
Project: Infinity Nameplates: Elaztek Launcher Data Collection & Logging: Blamite Game Engine Material Website Homepage: Homepage (weird business license page thing): Team Application: Version History: About/Overview:  
Helpcenter Under Maintenance Page: Old Wrapper (now empty, made using Visual Editor): Old Wrapper (now empty, has sidebar): Product DB Product Page Test: Product List Test: Product DB:  
Blamite Team Application: Application Portal: Project: Infinity Team Application:  
Miscellaneous Pages
Official Downloads: Chaotic United Landing Page: Game History:  
Test Pages
404 Random Phrase JS Test: Answers DB (broken): Articles (default with Pages/IP.Content): IP.Chat Unavailable Page: IP.Chat Test Page: Music Test: Release Notes: UI Demo:  
Data Files
Launcher (NTClient) Changelog (ntclient_versions.json): Latest News Post Data (update.html): Foundation Mod Manager Source Info (fmm_src_info.json): Mod List (mods.json):  
Forum Archives:

This page is incomplete and not yet being enforced. As such, the policies outlined below are not yet in effect.
In the interest of ensuring that users that enjoy our games can keep doing so tomorrow, next year, and decades from now, the following policy has been put in place and is effective for the duration of the lifetime of Elaztek Studios.
Last modified: 1/20/2021
The TL;DR (for your everyday joe):
Any official downloads should always be available. Users should always be able to choose what version of our games they play. They should always be able to tinker with them, create content for them, and modify them to their heart's content.
If we decide that we want to move forward and leave a previous project behind, we must honor that project's legacy and history. Any downloads made for it must remain available, users must be able to keep submitting new content, and if the game requires online servers to function, those servers should be placed into the hands of the community to keep them going in our place.
In the event that we are no longer able to do business (and we can't just revert to being a hobbyist group), everything we've ever made should be released to the public. If we cannot continue operation, we must take all steps possible to ensure that our work and legacy don't die with us - to ensure that the community can, if desired, carry the torch forward.
Preserving the past is a key part of what we do, it's been a key part of the operation of Chaotic United for many years, and too many other studios neglect to maintain their legacy projects - eventually resulting in them fading away to time. We aren't about that.
If you're just a member of the community scrolling by - hey there. Make sure you hold us accountable if we ever steer too far from these guidelines.
If you're part of the company, the full detailed policy can be found below.
The Nitty-Gritty (required reading for team members and applicants):
Dedicated Multiplayer Servers
Whenever possible, any games which contain a multiplayer component should include (either with the game content or as a free download on the website) user-operated dedicated server software. This software should be able to be used by any user to host a 24/7 private server. Whenever possible, any games which contain a multiplayer component should include a Server Browser, which allows the user to browse through these self-hosted servers. User-hosted servers shall not be blacklisted or removed from the server list, excluding only cases where the server host is in direct violation with any of our policies or any licenses that are part of the game (ie, the game's EULA). The user should be able to, at any time, download outdated server versions for use with outdated game clients.  
Post-Launch Updates and Patches
Post launch updates should be offered through the game client and/or launcher, as well as a separate download on the website if possible. The user should be able to, at any time, choose to remove these patches or install an outdated game version. Outdated game versions should be blocked from public matchmaking, but should be allowed to connect to community-hosted servers of the equivalent version. Updates should, whenever possible, be minimal in filesize and be able to be applied as a patch on top of the previous game version.  
User Generated Content
User submitted content must remain available, even if their account becomes suspended. Only user content which itself violates policy can be removed. Removed content should remain accessible to company and site administrators for potential future review and restoration if desired. In the event of user content removal, the user must be allowed to submit an appeal and have the appeal heard and considered.  
All game or engine downloads must remain available for download. This includes the Blamite Editing Kit, patch/version history, server software, and any other software needed to play and create content for the game. All existing game or engine licenses should be honored indefinitely, or all downloads must become free to all registered users on the Elaztek Studios website. Any user content submitted that depends on a specific game or engine version must remain available for download, and new content must be able to be submitted. In the event of a version of Blamite reaching end-of-life: All engine documentation must remain available. At minimum, a download archive of the documentation must be available. Alternatively, a download can be omitted if Elaztek-hosted documentation remains online. In the event that Elaztek-hosted documentation becomes broken, unusable, or goes offline, a complete offline download must be made available.  
Online-Only Services
Games which cannot operate without a connection to an online server should be avoided whenever possible. The following guidelines exist in the event that a creative vision requires the presence of an online-only component. No game content should be retroactively locked after its release. In the event that a game's content demands become too great, all possible efforts should be first made to remedy these technical burdens without removing content. In the event that content must be removed, it should be removed in such a way that allows for the user to re-download it separately in order to continue playing the content. Major content expansions should not be removed from any download or purchase mechanism. The following procedures should be followed towards the end of the game's life-cycle: Online servers should remain online as long as possible. If the need to terminate online servers becomes required, the server software must be released to the public. Additionally, a final update/patch must be released to allow the game to easily connect to 3rd-party servers. All game content must remain purchasable and/or downloadable. Content creation tools should be released to the community. In games developed with Blamite, the full Blamite Editing Kit should be released, with no restrictions on functionality and no crucial tools omitted.  
Contingency Plan

The following is a fallback plan to try and execute as effectively as is feasible in the event that Elaztek Studios were to ever be unable to continue business operation. Unlike other parts of the policy, it does not need to be followed to the letter - because there is the likelihood that, should the company reach this stage, it may simply be impossible to meet the requirements. However, if possible, as much of the following should be completed as possible. An incomplete execution of the following plan is better than having all of our hard work turn to dust and fade away.
Should the company fall on hard times and be unable to continue business operations, efforts should first be made into downscaling into a volunteer operation, similar to how it started. This means that the CEO(s) or upper management at the time take it upon themselves to continue hosting services out-of-pocket, funding them through means such as an alternative job elsewhere. Every effort to preserve the company should be taken and pursued, except in cases which would compromise the company's integrity or core values. The ultimate determination on how to proceed in such a circumstance falls on the company Founder, or the highest ranking CEO at the time in the event the Founder is no longer overseeing the company. Feedback should be considered from all existing employees. In the event that the company is determined to be unable to continue operating in any capacity, business or otherwise, and the company is decided to be permanently shutting down: All possible efforts must be made to ensure that all intellectual property, software source code, software binaries (including outdated versions), documentation, and game content are released to the public under the most permissive licenses possible. All possible efforts must be made to ensure that any and all FREE community-created content is released to the public. In the case of PAID content, the decision on how this content is to be released should fall to the content author. In the event that the author cannot be contacted, their paid content should be treated as free content under the assumption that the author has stopped maintaining their content. A webpage providing access to all of the above should remain online for 1 year at minimum, with at least 90 days notice before permanent shutdown. Every effort should be made to instruct users on where to locate the content after that date. If a community operation arises with the goal of continuing to offer Elaztek software downloads and/or support, every effort should be made to ensure that they follow the guidelines specified within this document, and that they are in possession in all released materials before permanent shutdown. All existing forum and website content should be preserved using a read-only website for as long as possible. In the event that hosting existing web content can no longer be performed, existing topics, users, and polls must be preserved through one of the following two methods: A Specific Community Preservation Group In the event that you wish to exchange the data with a single, trusted, and respected member of the Elaztek community for the purposes of preserving forum content, the content may remain unaltered, including hidden and staff-only content, except as desired. All public content must remain unaltered and intact. The General Public In the event that data cannot be handed off to a specific group, the following content and SQL tables should be released to the public: Forum Topics Forum Posts Forums and Forum Categories Polls Downloads Categories Downloads Files Downloads Reviews and Comments Website Themes Pages Databases Pages Records Any other tables or data that is part of a public-facing webpage or content Before releasing the data to the public, care should be taken to ensure the following are REMOVED: IP addresses Email Addresses Payment and Billing Information (if applicable) Street Addresses (if applicable) Other personal information (if applicable) Hidden and Staff-only Content  
Failure to abide by this policy may result in termination from the company. Each and every policy listed does not have any limitation. Every policy listed should be considered as effective from the date of introduction for the duration of the company's lifespan. Site Archives

In Elaztek Studios,

Here, you can find links to very early sites that we used to operate.

Elaztek Studios' roots can be traced all the way back to 2013, when the founder of the company first created a "company" named Haloman Development - abbreviated as HMD. Galactiminer and Project: Infinity can both be traced back to those origins, though very little real development wouldn't come until many years later.
Unlike Elaztek or Chaotic United's modern websites, which are more or less custom built - that is, run on a proper webserver with full control over site content and applications - these older websites were created using Webs (, which is an easy-to-use site builder service. They offer very limited control over what you can do, but are intended to make it so that those without the knowledge or experience to operate their own webserver were able to create a basic website.
Those websites got very little development and were officially retired once Elaztek Studios was launched. The websites have since only been maintained enough to ensure they continue to exist (in other words, periodically logging into the Webs account to ensure they weren't automatically removed).
However, on November 11, 2020, Webs announced that they would be shutting their doors and migrating all content over to Vistaprint - the parent company of Webs. However, only Premium Webs customers would have their content migrated over. Those who didn't have premium websites were told that their site would no longer be viewable or editable:
In order to preserve the old websites (as awful as they are, seeing as they were made by a 13 year old), the websites were mirrored using WinHTTrack and will be hosted on our own webserver going forward. You can find all 6 Webs sites that were previously operated by haloman30 below, though not all of them were related to Elaztek. Additionally, a 7th site that was part of CU's history but wasn't hosted by haloman30 was also archived - and is also linked below.
Please keep in mind that, again, the quality of the websites are terrible. They were made by a 13 year old and, as such, contain some pretty dumb stuff and weird claims - and have been unaltered from those early iterations. Additionally, keep in mind that these websites are read-only. Several of them used to contain account and forum functionality, but these are dependent on Webs' backend systems - which are not available for these archives. As such, logging in, registering, or any other user content will simply do nothing. Think Wayback Machine.
Enjoy - if you can.
Elaztek Studios
Haloman Development
Archive URL: Original URL:   
Archive URL: Original URL:   
Project: Infinity
Archive URL: Original URL:   
Chaotic United
Chaotic United
Archive URL: Original URL:   
United Alycraft
Archive URL: Original URL:   
Hurricane Gaming (HurricaneCraft) (not owned by haloman30)
Archive URL: Original URL:   
Archive URL: Original URL: 

Rank Information

In Elaztek Studios,

These are the people who lead the company. They are involved in most, if not everything that happens within Elaztek Studios. Administrator
These people administer the servers and/or forums, and ensure everything is running smoothly. Manager
These folk manage game servers and make sure that you're able to have a smooth online experience with our games. Advisor
Advisors are special members who serve to guide our decisions and give input when needed. While most of our team gives feedback, these guys are generally more notable members of either the community, or are former staff of Elaztek or Chaotic United. Voice Acting Team
These people are tasked with delivering stellar voice acting for our characters in our stories. Without them, the stories we create would be devoid of personality. Join the Team Art Team
These people create everything you'll see ingame. Literally. Any texture, 3D model, HUD element, and muzzle flash was make by someone in here. They may also contribute to our website from time to time as well. Join the Team Audio Team
These people create the ear-pleasing sound effects as well as the beautiful melodies you hear ingame. They're responsible for all things sound. Join the Team Development Team
These people are the backbone of our games. They help create the engine, the tools, and everything in between to ensure that we can create games that are enjoyable, as well as ensure that you - the community - can mod and tweak it to your liking. Join the Team Story Team
These are the people who write our stories. They plan out and script every aspect of our campaigns, to ensure that we can succeed in both gameplay and story. Join the Team Moderator
These people moderate our games, as well as our Forums and Discord, to ensure that the community guidelines aren't being broken left and right. They generally help keep order within the community. Apply Helper
These people help out with the operation of the community. They might also assist with the game development process as well. Apply Tester
These are people hand-picked from our community to help beta test our games. While we may run Insider flights to parts of the community, our Testers tend to be involved in testing much earlier builds of our games. Veteran
These are members who have been in Elaztek or within Chaotic United for a long time. Premium
These are members who donate to ensure we can keep the lights on. Thanks guys! ❤️ Donate Member
These are people who have joined our awesome community. Sign Up Closed
These are members who have either requested their accounts be closed, or have been banned from the forums for repeat violations of our guidelines.

This article is not yet finished and may contain inaccurate information.
These are the guidelines that all members of the Elaztek Team is expected to agree to and abide by. If you are applying for any of our positions, you will be required to follow these guidelines. If you find a team member not obeying these guidelines, please submit a report or open a support ticket and we will take action if necessary. 
1. All content not visible on the public end of the website should be treated as if it were under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Posting images, descriptions, videos, or any other content revealing the content under implied or true NDA will result in termination from the team, and in some cases, could result in legal action being taken.
2. All modifications of official source code, game assets, textures, sound effects, and any other content used within Elaztek's website, games, software, or any other product/service should be documented and approved by each project's respective leader.
3. Any and all source code within private Elaztek repositories, on either our own Gitlab, Github, or any other service or site where our source code is stored, is under a non-disclosure agreement. Releasing any part of this source code in the form of text, screenshots, videos, audio, or any other means will be seen as a violation of the NDA and will result in your immediate termination from the team and potential legal action.
1. All interactions with the community should be handled with care and a basic level of maturity should be demonstrated. Acting in an immature manner could result in you being terminated from the team, and in some cases, could result in legal action.
2. Should a controversial discussion gain major attention by the community, you should contact an administrator or CEO immediately. Do what you can to keep things calm, maintain two-way communication. Do your best to keep community anger at a minimum and make sure to be respectful.
3. Getting an attitude with, flaming, insulting, harassing, punishing, attacking, or otherwise using defamatory or angry language during such an event will result in your immediate termination from the team.
1. Performing any illegal activities, either within or outside Elaztek, will result in your immediate termination from the team without notice.
2. Encouraging any illegal activities, either within or outside Elaztek, will result in your immediate termination from the team without notice.
3. Cyberbullying, harassment, flaming, or otherwise attacking another person and/or team member will result in immediate termination from the team without notice.
4. DOX'ing or otherwise leaking personal information of another person, inside or outside Elaztek, will result in immediate termination from the team without notice.
1. Game design and monetization should not seek to exploit the consumer or player, in any way. This includes but is not limited to: Gameplay altering microtransactions in a non-free game or product, Pay-to-Win mechanics in a non-free game or product, Random-number-generators/lootboxes in a non-free game or product, and any other similar tactics that are used as part of generating revenue and are not part of the genuine creative vision of Elaztek Studios.
2. Paid employee wages should not be increased as a result of exploitative business practices, including but not limited to: Microtransactions in a non-free game or product, Pay-to-Win mechanics in a non-free game or product, and any other similar tactics that are used as part of generating revenue and are not part of the genuine creative vision of Elaztek Studios.
3. With the exception of company financial instability, or the need to terminate employees due to lack of revenue (layoff), decisions may not be made with the sole intention of generating profit or exploiting the consumer.
4. Lootboxes, P2W, and gameplay altering microtransactions are permitted in very specific instances of free-to-play games with no other means of revenue. Including these elements in games that are not free (games that must be purchased in order to play) will not be permitted with the exception of company financial instability or as otherwise described above. Elaztek reserves the right to disallow the inclusion of these practices in any free-to-play project.
5. Cosmetic-only microtransactions may be allowed in some cases. This will vary depending on the scale and scope of the project. Elaztek reserves the right to disallow or deny the inclusion of cosmetic-only microtransactions in any free-to-play or paid game.
1. Any projects created by Elaztek team members as independent projects (ie, Project: Vista) will be owned by Elaztek Studios.
2. Elaztek reserves the right to continue a successful project created by an Elaztek team member independently, in the form of DLC, sequels, expansions, updates, etc.
3. Elaztek reserves the right to terminate any team project if it is deemed offensive, malicious, or otherwise undesirable to be placed under the Elaztek name.
4. If you choose to cancel an independent project, Elaztek reserves the right to continue and complete the project should we see it valuable.
1. Elaztek reserves the right to terminate anyone from the Elaztek team, for any reason we see fit.
2. To protect our team and users from unjust action, we require that there must be some degree of probable cause for a termination before action is taken.
3. Attempting to get another team member terminated without valid reason will result in your termination from the team.
4. Upon termination, you will lose your website rank and access, your Discord role, and your access to Elaztek repositories.
5. If you commute, you will have 3 days (72 hours) to collect any personal belongings. This may be extended at a manager's discretion. After this time, your keycard will no longer be valid and you will no longer be able to enter the building. If you have forgotten or lost any personal belongings, please contact a manager or other member of the team.
6. Elaztek is not required to disclose the reasoning for any termination (but we usually will, and usually you will know in the first place).
7. You may not be terminated for race, religion, personal beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, or other discriminatory reason.
Elaztek Studios reserves the right to modify, add to, remove from, or otherwise alter these terms without notice. If you disagree with any changes made to these terms, you may contact a manager for questions or concerns. If you ultimately do not agree to the terms, you will not be allowed to be on the team and must resign.

This article is not yet finished and may contain inaccurate information.
First off, you can pat yourself on the back for (most likely) cheating. We appreciate it. That being said, there is still a path of redemption you can follow to clear your name and get your suspension lifted. That is, depending on the severity of your infraction.
Please ensure you meet the following criteria:
You do not have repeated infractions for this same suspension reason (ex: getting banned for cheating more than once) You know the exact username or email address of the account in question You have not been banned a total of 3 times before  
Let's go into a bit more detail into each of these points.
You do not have repeated infractions for this same suspension reason - This one is obvious. Your appeal will almost certainly get denied if you try and appeal for cheating after your previous ban for cheating just got lifted. There is something to be said about learning your lesson, if you turn around and do the exact same thing that got you banned, that you are fully aware is not acceptable behavior, then you have no excuse to continue doing so. This also proves you are almost certainly not trustworthy or sincere with your appeal as it becomes a case of the boy who cried wolf. Maybe after your 7th cheating ban, you WILL wake up to your annoying and rude behavior, but by then it will be too late. It's very unlikely you will even get a 7th ban attempt in the first place.
You know the exact username or email address of the account in question - This is another simple one to wrap your head around. If we do decide to lift your suspension, we will need to know which account we are unbanning. Usually we can find this from your forums account, but if we can't we will ask you for this information via private message.
You have not been banned a total of 3 times before - That is correct. If you have been banned 3 times before, you are pretty much out of luck. There is a way to get unbanned even if this is the case - scroll towards the bottom of the page for information on that. But generally, if you have managed to get banned 3 times, you should probably find something else to do with your time aside from dragging your awful attitude to our doorstep and to our players.
If you are reading the above and you think you are able to make an appeal, you have two similar ways of going about it. You may either use the traditional method of copying the ban appeal format from the pinned topic in the ban appeals subforum, or you may use the new method which is a dedicated form to help streamline the appeal process.
After submitting your appeal, it will be left open to the public for the community to give their feedback as they see fit. When all is said and done, your appeal will be either approved or denied. If your appeal is denied, you may submit another appeal after 72 hours, with a maximum of 7 appeals within a 90-day period. Further appeals will be automatically denied and you may receive warning points for continued over-appealing.
Appealing Severe Infractions/When Your Appeals are Denied
But let's say you don't meet the criteria listed before. What then? Well, you may use the classic means of appealing for severe infractions - a donation. Your donation will help prove that, on some level, you still have value in Elaztek to some degree. That being said, in extreme cases such as repeat hacking, security breaching, and other serious infractions, no amount of money will get your ban lifted. But look at it this way, if you are reading this article in the first place, you almost certainly haven't done that - as your IP would be blocked from the website in its entirety otherwise.
In these cases, you will be informed that further appealing will be denied and that you will need to contact a staff member directly to get the issue resolved. You will be informed of what you need to do to get your ban lifted.
When You are Wrongly Banned
Sometimes, the stars line up against you and you suffer a ban for something you didn't do. In these cases, you should still make an appeal but do it in the sense that you have not done any wrong. Your appeal will be reviewed and we will generally do as much research as possible on our end. This will take longer than a normal appeal, so be prepared.

How do Reports Work?

In Website Topics,

This article is not yet finished and may contain inaccurate information.
Our system for reporting disallowed content, cheating players, hackers, and so on is handled through a similar system as Chaotic United, with some modifications.
The classic way of submitting reports, which is copying/pasting a format in a pinned topic into a new topic, then filling out the fields, is still entirely supported. However, a new system has been put in place to help users out and to streamline the process. That new system is a dedicated form that, when filled out, will automatically generate a topic.
That being said, the way reports are handled from our end is largely the same as it has always been. When a report is filed, we will look over the topic and either take action if need be, inquire about the event to the accused user, or if the report is false, no action is taken and a warning point may be given to the reporter.
Common Questions
Q: Why are reports made public?
A: Reports are made public so that other users may support or detract from the report, and so that the accused user may have a platform to defend him/herself.
Q: What is considered a false report?
A: A false report is someone reporting someone for something they did not do. Take this for example: say you are doing horrible in online multiplayer and your K/D ratio is 0.1, or to put it more simply, someone beats you out in matchmaking. Let's say you then accuse them of hacking when they are clearly just better at the game for one reason or another. If you are just smack-talking, this is no issue. But if you then move to submit a report on the user and ultimately just waste everybody's time, you will likely suffer an infraction to your account, possibly even a temporary ban from online multiplayer in severe/repeat cases.
Q: What if someone is actually hacking?
A: If someone is genuinely using cheats or hacks to gain an advantage, this is not allowed and it will warrant punishment.