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  2. Engine:

    + Added tag class: light [ligh]
    + Added tag class: material [mat]
    + Added tag class: scenario [scnr]
    + Added tag class: cache_file_resource_data [zone] (equivalent to cache_file_resource_gestalt)
    + Added ogre scene editor utility (imgui)
    + Added real console again (for the first time since the DX11 render woot - open with ~)
    + Added "cool magic numbers"
    + Added coordinates display
    + Added extremely basic extension system
    + Added option to tie director camera turning to game tick - defaults to off since it seems to cause more problems than it solves at present
    + Added placeholders for accessing engine and user folders
    * Fixed tag block, bitfield, and enum fields not being generated properly in plugins - the opening node was closed within the same node, rather than staying open and properly containing its children
    * Fixed a crash during shutdown caused by event listeners being deleted prior to being unregistered
    * Director now has separate horizontal/vertical look sensitivity options, rather than a single sensitivity for both
    * Decreased director near clip distance
    * Improved engine logger performance
    * Implemented OGRE-next 2.3 renderer
    * Changed Fieldset version to 5
    * Data reference fields have been increased in size, with new value hints (a 4-character string that can be used to identify the data being stored, only used in Editing Kit for now), and 8 bytes of reserved space for future use
    - Removed standalone OpenGL renderer
    - Removed standalone Vulkan renderer
    - Removed bgfx renderer



    + Added support for vector2, vector3, and vector4 fields
    + Added support for color fields
    + Added support for fieldref fields - These are fields which allow tags to self-reference other fields within a tag
    + Added a warning dialog when closing a modified tag
    + Added support for "input hints" to some fields - this is a piece of text that will display to the right of some fields, indicating valid input
    + Added support for opening the game viewport, currently used for previewing material changes in real-time
    + Added Tag Designer - A new visual, drag-n-drop editor for creating and modifying tag definitions
    * Fixed "Editing Compiled Tag" warning being present in a newly created tag
    * Fixed a crash when opening certain tags (seemed to be tags that weren't part of a project)
    * Renamed float32 field to real
    * Changing any tag field will mark the tag as having been modified
    * Fixed a bug where closing tool windows (output, style editor, explorer bar) with the X button on the window itself would not properly update the check state in the View menu
    * Improved classic theme styles for tag blocks and comments
    * Fixed several fields not having their UI widgets disabled when viewing as a template (ie, when viewing the contents of a block with no entries)
    * Data reference fields now provide an option to view and edit data using the new built-in Hex Editor (which is more in-line with a standard hex editor) or Code Editor (which provides syntax highlighting for many languages)
    * Style Editor now has syntax highlighting support



    + Added WIP Hierarchy View
    + Added early WIP workspace support
    + Added loading dialog when opening a scenario
    + Added Properties Palette
    + Added configuration file support
    * Fixed About dialog closing immediately after opening
    * Sapien now requires that scenarios be part of a project - opening scenario tags directly is no longer supported
    * Fixed a crash caused by a race condition when updating the Game View status bar



    + Added configuration file support


    Editing Kit (All tools):

    * Editor tick rate now runs at 30TPS (was 10TPS)
    * Minor Output window performance improvements
    * Windows Classic (modified) theme improvements
    * Settings dialog no longer blocks the main window thread

  3. haloman30
    Latest Entry

    + Added Settings UI
    + Added "Human" character type
    + Added "debug_char" character type
    + Added an additional easter egg world feature (currently not generated anywhere)
    + Added item: Torch
    + Added in-game chat (opened with T or /)
    + Added support for in-game commands, accessible from chat - type /help for a list of commands
    + Added commands: /help, /time, /update_lights, /version
    + Added tile-based lighting system
    + Added support for digging/breaking most tiles
    + Added font: Munro - used in several places where Silkscreen used to be used, such as item tooltips, username tags, text input fields, etc.
    * Buttons now shift their text down when pressed
    * Character editor now supports character type, and several character appearance settings
    * Character editor now allows for the preview to be rotated and previewed with different animations
    * Shovel no longer breaks cliffs instantly, and requires cliffs be dug for a moment
    * Various improvements and bugfixes
    - Shovel can no longer be used to place cliffs

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  4. Eon Blog

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    To use Eon you need to have a C++ IDE installed and you also need to setup SFML in the project as well, you can find plenty of tutorials online on how to do this. Clone the Eon repository https://gitlab.elaztek.com/JTKreates/Eon-ge and then copy and paste all of the files from the src/ folder into your project source folder. From there import the files and make your changes. The only files you need to edit would be any of the state classes or the resource holder header file. Editing other files might break the engine and i'd recommend not changing anything unless you are sure you know what you are doing. If you'd like to request a certain feature then just message me and i'll get to it as soon as possible. More detailed documentation will come out further along in development.


    Good Luck Developing 👍

  5. So, this blog post is dedicated to my graphic design teacher, though many teachers are guilty of some of the things I describe.


    Over the past two years I have had this teacher, she has continued to be further and further disliked by the students. Or, more accurately, her way of teaching has been heavily hated. Nobody really hates her as a person - but the things she does as a teacher are completely insane.


    Let's start with the most recent event, a student in my class was writing an essay in order to apply for a college scholarship. She was finished with her work for the most part, but the teacher put out a new assignment today. This assignment was not for a grade or worth any points. We'll come back to that. Anyways, the student was working on the scholarship essay in class. The teacher asked what she was doing, she replied that she was working on a scholarship essay, the teacher instantly got a huge attitude and told her she couldn't work on it at all. The student responded with something I didn't entirely pick up on, but the teacher responded with "Well, thats not my problem. You should have thought about that first".


    Say whatever you want about this kind of stuff, but here's how I see it. You are giving an assignment worth zero points. What is more important? A pointless assignment that's worth absolutely nothing - where the only reward is actually being forced to do MORE work in the form of doing the other 5 banners? Which is more important, the assignment, or the essay that can potentially save her tens of thousands of dollars? It's no contest.




    Let's go into that more. These assignments that aren't worth anything. If you want students to do work, put a point value to it. You cannot tell students that this assignment is worth no points but then expect them to put their all into it. If you aren't going to give points, don't give the assignment.

    What about that assignment? What was this assignment that the student was simply not doing right off the bat, but would instead be doing it LATER, be it later that same class or just the next class? That assignment consisted of banners for a school's archery team. The pictures were taken with horrible poses, and on backgrounds that are a huge job to remove. Not a green screen, but a beige brick/tile background that blends with skin and hair and takes around 40 minutes to remove. If it were a green screen, you could use the magic wand tool to select and remove the green and then defringe the edges of what remains - and that'd be it. This was submitted to the school exactly as they requested, exactly according to their mockup, and they turned it down. They said it wasn't "professional".


    This is where I have a huge problem - not just with that school, but with the structure of this class as a whole.


    If you want something done professionally, hire a fucking professional. Pardon my language, but seriously, you don't come to a group of students who don't want to do work, who don't get paid, who are there because the law says they have to, students who probably are only at the tech school in order to NOT be in stupid classes like construction, welding, shop class, spanish, or what have you in order to get high quality work done. Sure, some are there because of a genuine desire to learn (like myself, though I am skeptical of how much this class has actually helped me) - but I'm willing to bet a huge chunk signed up for tech school because it was ten times better than the garbage being taught in the regular school. It would at the very least be somewhat relevant to a career that you can actually make good money off of. You don't come to people like that for "professional" work.


    But that's just the assignment, what about the class? Here lately, a huge focus of the class has become print jobs and client work. Sometimes this manifests in the entire class being required to go out into the warehouse and performing a monotonous task for half the period, but most of the time its just the people with experience doing print work and whatnot. Thing is, it's not just printing. It's also doing the billing, figuring out the price, making the calls, basically doing everything needed for a client. There is one issue with this - we aren't getting paid. Here's the thing, the school makes money off of this. This isn't just a made-up component of the class to simulate a real work environment. This is actual work being done for actual clients who pay actual money. And none of that goes down to the student doing all the work. The teacher instructs the student what to do and passes information from client to student, but the student does everything. They do the designing, they do the printing, they do the invoices, they do the phone calls, they do the packaging.


    I'm sorry but this is fucking stupid.


    I don't care if you think the "experience" is plenty enough compensation. No, that's not how this works. I'm not asking for 50% or 60%, I am asking for SOMETHING. Like say 5% to 15% or so. Not a thousand bucks, not the majority of the payment (though that would absolutely be fair in my opinion, since we're doing the majority of the work), just a small portion. But nope, we just get nothing but a pat on the back and a good job, maybe some points in the gradebook. How is this acceptable? How is this okay? If this wasn't a school, this would be cause for riots over slave labor. That's what it is, there's no way around it. This is legitimate slave labor. Just because we're students doesn't mean we shouldn't get some sort of payment. Don't mistake me for one of those fools who think that everyone is entitled to payment no matter what happens, I believe that you have to earn your way in the world. But in this case, we ARE earning - the people going out doing internships are earning, why don't we? The only difference is that the internships are at legally registered businesses. That is it. This school is still taking work from clients, selling a product/service, and it for all intents and purposes is a business. The teacher has even said this to visitors from colleges, how the class is basically a small business. Except it's not - and because it's not a legal business, we aren't entitled to payment apparently. The teacher even jokes about this from time to time.


    Some of the people here are incredibly talented. This talent is used for school profit on a daily basis. This is absolutely absurd. This should be illegal.




    But the issues with this class doesn't even end there. Before Christmas break, she gave out two assignments. One of them was a children's book, and the other was something to do with Christmas lights. I'm not entirely sure what it was, because I was absent when it was assigned and I never went back to do it when I got back. I found out this was extra credit as the teacher clarified after we got back. That was of course until the teacher pulled a total dick move and did something absolutely insane. The extra credit assignment was now an actual assignment for a grade, and the assignment that was FOR A GRADE was now NOT for a grade. I'm sorry but..what? That is literal bait and switch right there. How much of an asshole do you have to be to do that? Her logic was because "you guys are slacking too much" or something along those lines. So what? We don't have to be working every single fucking second of the class. And this is where we sort of come back to the beginning.


    It shouldn't matter if we do other work in a class. What matters is that we get classwork done. We should be able to take a bit of a break if all assigned work is completed. This is apparently not allowed, and I would understand if this was a paying job. A paying job can't afford for you to sit on your ass for a period of time - because then, you're being paid to sit on your ass. But this is school. We've established this. Clearly this isn't an actual job or else we'd be getting paid something. But the teacher instead chooses to get onto people for pausing for even a minute or two. If you complete your work, then you're given more work. You are continuously given more and more work until the end of time. You can't take a break with her approval. Often times, people do take breaks or whatever, when the teacher isn't paying attention. This should not be a problem. If the teacher catches someone pausing for even a minute, she will call them out and tell them they can't take a break. No teacher, listen here. Unless we are getting paid, you cannot tell us we can't pause. If we get all our work done, this shouldn't be a problem. The way most classes work - even at my main school, who has a whole ton of issues on its own, teachers often let you be if you get on your phone after work is complete. Because that's your reward for getting done early, you get to relax and chill out a bit. That is the reward. You don't get paid to come to school, but you do earn some of your time back by getting done in a timely fashion.


    Not here at the tech school. Here, your reward for getting done early is to do more work. Wow! What a great motivator to get work done! I really want to get that new archery banner done and do a great job on it, because then I'll get to do the other 5 of them! What kind of logic is this? Who the hell thinks this? The only people thinking this (and maybe not even then) are the people who are passionate about graphic design. I personally enjoy designing things and making things look pretty. It's fun, its relaxing, and is certainly a lot easier than mashing a keyboard while programming (though make no mistake, I love coding to death). But even I hate this. This is absurd and is more instances of slave labor and absolutely broken thinking. Nobody who isn't getting paid is going to do a great job on these banners, because getting a great one made and getting yours picked means you have to do it 5 more times. It doesn't mean you get paid, it does't mean you get famous, it doesn't mean you get a scholarship or something else of genuine value - it doesn't even mean you get points in the gradebook. It means you do more work, for no points. That's it.


    That's stupid. That is absolutely fucking stupid.




    Another thing that happened was that the teacher actually lied outright. At the beginning of this week, she assigned Chapter 3 of Muse. She said that that assignment would be the one and only assignment given this week, which made sense because, you know, spring break is next week so we can try and take it easy this week. Nope! By Wednesday, she said she was going to give "one extra assignment per week", for the reasoning that people were getting through Muse too fast. Sound familiar? People were getting done early, so they can relax and take it easy. That should be the reward for being done in a timely fashion, and the time exists for those who WEREN'T done (which was actually most of the people as of Thursday even). But as we've established, she hates people being done with everything and taking it easy. Her other reasoning was that more grades were needed in the gradebook. But here's the thing, Muse was supposed to be put in the gradebook. Each chapter would be listed as its own assignment. She changed her mind later, and said that Muse would all be graded at once at the end.


    Let's go over that again. Muse was going to be our grades for this last grading period. She then makes Muse one grade. Then, she gives more work because she needed to put in more grades.


    If you were going to do that, then why not just make Muse MULTIPLE GRADES like it was fucking meant to be? What kind of stupidity is this? What kind of logic is this? On top of that, the new assignment was due today - an assignment that I'm not doing. The assignment is in InDesign, a piece of software which I find to be absolutely pointless and has no reason to even exist. If you know the magic reason, please tell me. I don't see the point in it to this very day. I also refuse to do an assignment that has not one, not two, but THREE PDF files required to complete it. Are you nuts? That's not getting done in 3 days. And again, the other part of the reason is stupid. If people are getting done quickly, why is that even a fucking problem? Let them be done. Let them come to class relaxed as opposed to working nonstop. You don't need students to work the entire fucking time.




    Let's shift gears from the teacher and school staff, shall we? Let's talk about the bookwork of choice for this class. Any assignment uses either CIB (Classroom In a Book), Revealed, or ATC (Against The Clock). This is true for Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or Muse. These books all do this thing where they tell you do these steps, sometimes several pages of steps, and then immediately tell you to undo all of it, or to exit without saving. The most atrocious example is probably Muse, Chapter 1, in CIB. After 23 pages of clicking tools, poking around, the last instruction given reads as follows:





    I have seen my fair share of stupid work, but this tops all of it. The entire assignment is nothing. A wasted 30-45 minutes of time, assuming you didn't do what I did and just scrolled through it, noticing that line BEFORE doing any work.


    Also, I just want to do a small gripe about the names of these books. CIB, Classroom In a Book - Surely a classroom should be a lot more than just a boring old book. Revealed, as if the whole world of possibility is being revealed to you by doing the pointless garbage in these assignments. ATC, Against The Clock - I think I hate this one the most. The other two are just whatever, but this one actively tries to indirectly place pressure on whoever reads it, as if you're racing against the clock to...what? To finish a dumb assignment? Because kids aren't stressed out enough by school nowadays?




    This entire school system is flawed, as I made clear in a blog post I made over at Chaotic United. The way school is managed and operated is broken and ultimately does not teach people anything. Sure, History is important - too bad instead of comparing past events to the modern day, showing how history tends to repeat itself - in order to possibly break the cycle of repetition, they teach us dates and names and who fought who in what war. Sure, English is important - too bad instead of teaching how to actually speak the language fluently, they teach Shakespeare and force the reading of old english that makes no sense to 99% of people nowadays, a variant of english no longer used or taught - and force people to hate someone who wrote some genuinely great stuff, who wrote engaging, exciting, and interesting stories. Shakespeare isn't famous and known to this very day for no reason at all. He wrote great stories and tales that would make you laugh, and that would make you cry - sometimes both within the same story. Instead of enjoying his work for what it is, school overanalyzes his work to death and the end result is that far more people grow up hating this man's existence because school ruined Shakespeare for most of these people. Ironic, Shakespeare wrote many tragedies - but this could be one of the biggest tragedies of them all. But that's a whole blog post on its own waiting to happen.


    There is no end to the retardation of the public school system. Unfortunately, you'll never see me write from experience on the failures of college - because I won't be touching college with a 10 foot pole. I admit, I took a campus visit one day to a college somewhat nearby, and it was pretty neat. Certainly better than High School. But even so, it's not worth investing a mountain of money into. I would rather just be done with school here in less than 2 months from now (thank the Lord) and start living my life - I don't need 4 years of nonsense to be wasted. I want to make the most out of my life, and I don't want to spend it all on education that ultimately isn't that helpful to begin with.


    Expect more angry ranting on school in the future, because I think I'm just getting started.



    To my Graphic Design Teacher:

    I know I've referenced and linked this website multiple times in the past, so I am putting this here in the event that you somehow come across this.

    I don't hate you, and I don't hold anything against you personally. I personally can't even really complain about the work because I myself have had it pretty easy thus far. Even the other students don't hate you. My hope is that if you do end up seeing this, that you can maybe learn and improve and become a better teacher as a result.

    You don't need to make phones disallowed in the room period. You don't need to force people to work all the time. You don't need to enforce this weird rule of not having anything from any other class in the main area at all. I know where many other students don't that you aren't really that bad. I know you don't hate the students, I know that all you're trying to do is be a good teacher. But please, try to understand how you're going a bit too overboard with some of this stuff.

    Don't take any of this stuff personally, because it's not just attacking you. I merely used some of the things you've done recently that either make no sense, or that I just disagree with, as an example of the flaws in the public education system.

    My hope is that in the future, more and more kids can come to class and be excited to come to class - not dreading it because of the fear of what new useless work is going to be given. My hope is that you can be a great teacher and someone people can talk to, not someone who people often grow to hate because of backwards policies and ideas.

  6. haloman30
    Latest Entry

    Version full:      1.2.6394.1733
    Version major:     1
    Version minor:     1
    Build:             6394
    Revision:          1733
    Foundation:        Windows Forms, WPF
    Interface:         MetroFramework, MahApps.Metro
    NuGet Packages:    MetroModernUI, MahApps.Metro, MahApps.Metro.Resources, MahApps.Metro.Iconpacks, Newtonsoft.Json




    * Made certain features hidden unless devmode is enabled 
    * Got basic functionality working with .CNR (Cached Network Resource) files

  7. – Its been a while since our last blog post, but don’t worry, we haven’t been slacking off. We are VERY close to allowing early access to everyone. First off, lets start with the basics, accounts. We recently said that we would provide a tool that would allow you to sign up, however that has since changed. You will be able to sign up through the game client itself. Additionally we have been fixing tons of server exploits and crashes so that when we get into a public early release state that everyone will be able to enjoy the game without having to worry about server crashes.

    RavenRunner Alpha 0.3.5 Release Notes:


    • Changed to different version of Unity
    • Changed the way AuthKey works
    • The game now uses Net 4.6
    • Updated Lumina’s formatting.
    • Removed Powerups,
    • Added High Scores
    • Added Anticheating measures
    • Added System Localization recognition
    • Added clear connection issue messages.
    • Added Offline Mode.
    • Updated Main Menu
    • Your previous LoginToken will now be logged to your system locally. However, it is locked to your IP.
    • Added Password Resets within the client
    • Added Account creation within the client for English Speaking players.
    • Added Account creation for Japanese, and Chinese speaking players. Although this is limited to 25 signups per 24 hours.
    • Version Numbers now appear at the bottom corner of the Main Menu
    • Privacy Policy can now be viewed by clicking Privacy on the main menu
    • Terms of Use can now be viewed by clicking Terms

    Server Fixes:

    • Fixed a crash with the server in regards to forged packets being sent.
    • Fixed a bug where the client wouldn’t receive the assigned client ID from the server.
    • Fixed an issue where when a client disconnected uncleanly that the server would crash
    • Fixed an issue where the server would crash from various Socket Exceptions
    • Fixed an exploit that crashed the server.
    • Whenever a serialization fails on the server, instead of crashing it will just disconneect the client associated and will log Packet Information to the debug file on the client instead.
    • Fixed an issue with Databases that would result in a server crash
    • Fixed a bug where DataReaders wouldn’t close and would crash the server.
    • The server now verifies that your client is trusted.
    • The server will send the client an ErrorMessage if the server encounters any errors that arent related to the RavenServer socket. Allow you to quickly revert your game to offline mode if any problems occur.
    • Fixed a few bugs that was caused from the upgrade to Net 4.6
    • Code Cleanup


    Client Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a threading issue with the client that would cause the client to spam the same message multiple times.
    • Fixed a threading issue that would cause the client to crash
    • Fixed an issue with threading that would cause a systems under heavy load to freeze or BSOD/Kernal Panic (Standalone)
    • Fixed an issue where certain counters werent incrementing up.
    • Client has been optimized.
    • Fixed a bug that would crash the client in certain lighting conditions.
    • Added a thread manager.


    View original article


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