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Raven Server: A new beginning for all Zeph’s

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Today is finally the day! The day that we finally finished Raven Server, a network to allow fellow Zeph’s/Players like yourself to help out in the fight against the Ravens. While the members at the guild have been working really hard to make this happen, we still do not have an adequate build of Raven Runner at this time to allow you to jump right into the action. We know that many of you are waiting in anticipation for the game and have arranged that the guild start allowing you to register accounts. This tool that will allow you to register will be ready on August 9th, 2017.  With this tool launching in a matter of days we have also asked the Zeph Council to provide some guidelines of how your registration information will be used. They call it a “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service”. We recommend everyone skim through it if you’re unsure whether your breaking the rules, or just use common sense if your too lazy to read it.  As for the website design, we will constantly be making revisions to the website to make it better reflect the game more accurately.

Until Then,

See you on Wednesday!


Build Notes:

Raven Runner 0.2.4
– Removed Google Protobuf’s in favor of Lumina
– Removed Powerups temporarily until we have a better fix.
– Added a Shadow Engine to the game, Shadows are now way more precise and smooth.
– Added Top Menu
– Added Newtonsoft JSON parsing library to list of used dependencies.
– Added RavenToken Capabilities.
– Added Raven Runner account functionality
– Added Forgot Password Functionality
– Added Leaderboards
– Made StoryMode unavailable for all clients, its back to the drawing board until we feel we can tackle the story!

Raven Server 1.0
– Added SendGrid Email Capability
– Added Thorough DungeonScaping Anticheating measures.
– Added Moderation Tools for finding cheaters.
– Fixed A Bug where the server would crash if a key was already present in the sessionid dictionary.
– Fixed A Bug where the server would crash if a player sent in a second StartGame message with the same clientID already in the sessions dictionary.
– Login by Token’s are now validated thorughly to make sure that no login tokens are being forged.
– Added Various measures against SQL Injection.
– Added Server Sided Bonuses that will added to the players score when they receive a game over.


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