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About this blog

Update notes for the community will be posted here.

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5/13/2021 Update

+ Added icons to navigation menu for the following items: Blamite Homepage, Blamite FAQ, Blamite Documentation, Blamite Guides, Developer Hub, Nextcloud

- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added group: COO (Chief Operating Officer)
+ Added group: +Senior Members
* All forum groups can now store an unlimited number of private conversations
* All groups can now view display name history for any user
* Updated group badge designs for all groups
* (Non-Premium) Members who reach 500 total posts will be automatically promoted to Senior Member
* Fixed some groups being unable to set signatures
* Fixed some groups being unable to attach files to editor fields within application forms
* Fixed some groups being unable to change their display name

* Renamed group 'Members' to 'Member'
- Removed total uploaded attachment size limit for all forum groups
- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added new Favicon image

+ Added new website section: News & Announcements
+ Added final notice page to Galactiminer website
+ Added new About page(s)
* Redesigned homepage
* News is now its own separate database, rather than being part of forums
* Moved News from news_beta page to final news page
* Redesigned default error page
- Removed 'Feeds' submenu from Team menu
- Removed Killerteddy


This update has resulted in some URLs being broken. These URLs are mostly older links that are no longer in public use.


+ Added emoji: :biden:

+ Added emoji: :ramsay:

+ Added emoji: :SteveDisappointed:

+ Added emoji: :uwufam:

+ Added emoji: :UWUthink:

+ Added emoji: :confuse_cat:

+ Added archives of older sites related to Elaztek as is shutting down soon

* Performed some page organization to the website, breaking some older URLs

* Fixed navbar being too large on Midnight theme

- Removed Killerteddy


9/28/2020 Update

+ Added new image URL for og:image meta tag (used in Discord rich embeds)

- Removed emoji from Discord and forums: :pylon: (pylon)

- Removed emoji from Forums: :windwaifu: (windwaifu)

- Removed emoji from Forums: :wfold: (wfold)

- Removed Killerteddy


7/15/2020 Update

* Archived #dev-concepts channel
* Organized Discord roles better (only visible in server settingss)
* Archived Community and Server Manager roles in favor of a single Manager role
* Changed Helper color to the new color used in CU
* Renamed Moderator to Global Moderator
- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added Discord role: Halo Fan Project Team
+ Added Discord channel: #fan-projects (exclusive to Fan Game Bros)
* Renamed 'Halo Fan Project Team' to 'Halo Fame Game Bros' to avoid confusion with any Elaztek team roles
- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added plugin: Enhanced Status Updates
+ Added theme: Daylight 7.1 (based on Midnight 7.1, includes all of the below fixes for Midnight 7.1)
* Fixed calendar header when scrolled down the page not having enough padding
* Fixed dialog z-index as a result because some genius decided that the sticky header should display in FRONT of a modal dialog
* Made spoilers use the new bright blue color instead of old darker blue seen in the earlier Midnight/Elaztek themes
* Improved spacing for awards tab
* Added background blur effect for some elements (uses CSS property "backdrop-filter", does not work on all browsers)
* Fixed theme menu styling
* Fixed mood profile display
* Fixed overlap issues with various header button placements
* Fixed split button drop shadow radius not being correct
* Ivory Tower/Audio Organizer styling is now more dependent on the theme rather than being built into the page itself
- Removed Killerteddy


11/29/2019 Update

+ Installed addon: Moods
+ Added all moods from Chaotic United
+ Added Awards category: Staff Awards
+ Added Awards category: Posting Awards
+ Added icon and description to Awards category: Site Awards
+ Added icon and description to Awards category: Contests
+ Added description to Awards category: Blamite Expertise
+ Added award: Staff Position
+ Added award: Founder's Recognition (awaiting icon)
+ Added award: CU Owner's Recognition
+ Added award: Advertiser
+ Added award: Liked
+ Added award: Loyal
+ Added award: Developer
+ Added award: Veteran
+ Added award: Streamer
+ Added award: Server Maintainer
+ Added award: Diamond
+ Added award: Picasso
+ Added award: Imperial Legion Sword
+ Added award: Graphics Master
+ Added award: Angel
+ Added award: Spy
+ Added award: Helpful
+ Added award: Skull
+ Added award: Golden Pen
+ Added award: Active Poster
+ Added award: Senior Poster
+ Added award: Insane Poster
+ Added award: Star Poster
+ Added award: Psycho Poster
+ Added several emoticons from CU forums again
+ Added Profile Field category: System Information
+ Added Profile Field under System Information: Processor (CPU)
+ Added Profile Field under System Information: Graphics Card (GPU)
+ Added Profile Field under System Information: Motherboard
+ Added Profile Field under System Information: Operating System
+ Added Profile Field under System Information: Memory (RAM)
+ Added Profile Field under System Information: Cooling Type
+ Added Profile Field under System Information: Storage
+ Added Profile Field under System Information: Other PC Info
+ Added Profile Field under Contact Methods: Skype
+ Added Profile Field under Contact Methods: Discord
+ Added Profile Field under Profile Information: Location
+ Added Profile Field under Profile Information: Interests
+ Added new Profile Completion Step: Tell us about your rig!
+ Added Skype and Discord to Profile Completion Step "Where else can we find you?"
* Moved "Members" navigation menu item from "Help" to "Community"
* Updated Awards from 1.3.0 to 1.3.2
* Renamed Award "Software Developer" to "Official Software Developer"
* Moved Official Software Developer award to Staff Awards
* Moved UI Designer award to Staff Awards
* Fixed popup modals displaying behind navbar on Midnight 7.1
* Fix small tab navigation inactive item text being hard to read
* Make Award category icons larger (40px -> 80px)
* Make Award icons larger (64px -> 80px)
* Award notifications will be shown as being by FORUMBOT instead of haloman30
* Fixed display of mood: Flirty
* Fixed display of mood: Ban Happy
* Fixed display of mood: Woot!
* Fixed display of mood: Bored
* Fixed display of mood: Mischievous
* Fixed display of mood: Sauna Bathing
* Fixed display of mood: Trash
* Fixed display of mood: Immersed
* Fixed display of mood: Fine
* Fixed display of mood: Lucky
* Fixed display of mood: Goofy
* Fixed display of mood: Busy
* Fixed display of mood: Tired
* Fixed display of mood: Cheeky
* Fixed display of mood: Buzzed
* Made forum post background darker to better match editor background color
* Fixed Rank (not usergroup) icon not displaying on forum post author pane
* Fixed Awards pane not showing on forum post author pane
* Renamed 'Website' profile field to 'Website URL'
* Renamed 'Contact' profile field group to 'Contact Methods'
* Renamed 'Steam Username' profile field group to 'Steam'
* Made popup modal background darker
* Stylized Profile Field header in Edit Profile popup
* Set Status Updates to be enabled by default
* Fixed signatures being disabled
- Removed Profile Field "CU Forums Username" field from Profile Step "Where else can we find you?" as it's been unused since the ability to directly link your CU Account was added
- Disabled old 'PC Specs' field
- Disabled Awards category: Blamite Expertise (will return in the future when Blamite is actually usable/public)
- Disabled Award: Project: Infinity Mapmaking Contest (will return in the future when Project: Infinity is released)
- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added bot: Carl-bot
+ Added channel: #starboard - Messages with 2 or more starts will appear in #starboard
+ Added category: Carl Logs
+ Added channel: #carl-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-member-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-server-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-voice-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-message-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-join-leave-log
- Removed Killerteddy


9/20/2019 Forums Update

+ Added custom emoji from CU Forums (and some extra ones)
+ Added partners page
+ Added parnters page to navigation menu
+ Added new Blamite homepage
+ Added new Blamite homepage to navigation menu
* Help > About now has an icon on Midnight 7.1
- Removed old Blamite website
- Removed Killerteddy


9/19/2019 Forums Update

+ Added new theme: Midnight 7.1

* Default theme set to Midnight 7.1

* Restructured navigation menu

* Lots of backend file cleanup

* Preparations to consolidate Issue Tracker into Bug Tracker

- Removed Killerteddy

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