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About this blog

Update notes for the community will be posted here.

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+ Added addon: Birthdays Widget

* Updated from PHP 7.3 to PHP 8.1
* Updated IP.Board from 4.4.10 to 4.7.10
* Updated addon: Forms
* Updated plugin: Enhanced Status Updates Widget
* New Topic display in #forums-feed on Discord (and other channels) now displays using embeds, as the old Discord integration addon no longer functions under PHP 8.1
* Fixed an issue where updating to 4.7.10 caused the mobile author pane to display on desktop when viewing topics on Elaztek Studios, Midnight, Midnight 7, Midnight 7.1, and Midnight 7.2 (including Daylight variants)
* Fixed an issue where updating to 4.7.10 caused the shoutbox to fail to load shouts, as a result of the search UI template not being updated - this has been fixed on Elaztek Studios, Midnight, Midnight 7, Midnight 7.1, and Midnight 7.2 (including Daylight variants)
- Birthdays are no longer displayed within the calendar (don't blame me, blame IPS for being lame)
- Disabled addon: Discord Integration
- Removed Killerteddy


* Changed Inline Code toolbar button to use a <code> element instead of a <span>

- Removed CKEditor extension: Context Menu (the CKEditor context menu can be access with Ctrl + Right Click if needed)
- Removed Killerteddy


* Redesigned Bug Tracker - Rather than relying on the old, needlessly-separated bug and issue trackers, the new bug tracker is lifted largely from the Chaotic United forums, with a single system for all bugs - whether they be for the website, Discord, or Blamite.
* Redesigned Suggestions Tracker - Rather than the old system with one single category for all suggestions, this also is lifted from CU where each project/service has its own category.
* Replaced old (sometimes broken) links to issue tracker with appropriate links to the new bug tracker
- Removed Killerteddy


1/15/2022 Update

+ Added a new "Resources" section to Blamite homepage
* Made blamite doxygen docs public
* Rewrote some of the text on the Blamite homepage to be less weird
- Removed Killerteddy


6/26/2021 Update

* Renamed all archived doxygen index pages prior to build 325 to index_.html, as the links for those pages always go to latest rather than the individual documentation archive

* Redesigned Blamite logo and updated uses across the website

* Redesigned Elaztek Developer Hub and Doxygen index pages to be more consistent with main website design
* Renamed Chief Operating Officer rank to Chief Technology Officer

- Removed Killerteddy


5/22/2021 Update

+ Added theme: Midnight 7.2
+ Added theme: Daylight 7.2
+ Midnight 7.1: Added banner for Stratagem
* Restored custom editor toolbars (these were temporarily reset while diagnosing the 500 error mentioned before)
* Fixed group badges in profiles being too large
- Removed Killerteddy


Changes in Midnight/Daylight 7.2 from 7.1:
+ Added subtitle text to all page headers (where applicable)
+ Added color picker to allow user customization of accent color
* Changed QType Pro font to Indoscreen
* Redesigned profile page
* Improved info box styles
* Improved club name when being displayed within the club header


5/19/2021 Update

* Fixed a 500 error that was occurring with the default theme
* Fixed Elaztek Studios, Midnight, and Midnight 7 themes not being accessible by normal users
* Updated 'General Gaming' forum icon
* Fixed a misconfiguration in outgoing email SMTP settings (hopefully this fixes the long-standing email issues?)
* Fixed Shoutbox permissions
- Removed Killerteddy


5/13/2021 Update

+ Added icons to navigation menu for the following items: Blamite Homepage, Blamite FAQ, Blamite Documentation, Blamite Guides, Developer Hub, Nextcloud

- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added group: COO (Chief Operating Officer)
+ Added group: +Senior Members
* All forum groups can now store an unlimited number of private conversations
* All groups can now view display name history for any user
* Updated group badge designs for all groups
* (Non-Premium) Members who reach 500 total posts will be automatically promoted to Senior Member
* Fixed some groups being unable to set signatures
* Fixed some groups being unable to attach files to editor fields within application forms
* Fixed some groups being unable to change their display name

* Renamed group 'Members' to 'Member'
- Removed total uploaded attachment size limit for all forum groups
- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added new Favicon image

+ Added new website section: News & Announcements
+ Added final notice page to Galactiminer website
+ Added new About page(s)
* Redesigned homepage
* News is now its own separate database, rather than being part of forums
* Moved News from news_beta page to final news page
* Redesigned default error page
- Removed 'Feeds' submenu from Team menu
- Removed Killerteddy


This update has resulted in some URLs being broken. These URLs are mostly older links that are no longer in public use.


+ Added emoji: :biden:

+ Added emoji: :ramsay:

+ Added emoji: :SteveDisappointed:

+ Added emoji: :uwufam:

+ Added emoji: :UWUthink:

+ Added emoji: :confuse_cat:

+ Added archives of older webs.com sites related to Elaztek as webs.com is shutting down soon

* Performed some page organization to the website, breaking some older URLs

* Fixed navbar being too large on Midnight theme

- Removed Killerteddy


9/28/2020 Update

+ Added new image URL for og:image meta tag (used in Discord rich embeds)

- Removed emoji from Discord and forums: :pylon: (pylon)

- Removed emoji from Forums: :windwaifu: (windwaifu)

- Removed emoji from Forums: :wfold: (wfold)

- Removed Killerteddy


7/15/2020 Update

* Archived #dev-concepts channel
* Organized Discord roles better (only visible in server settingss)
* Archived Community and Server Manager roles in favor of a single Manager role
* Changed Helper color to the new color used in CU
* Renamed Moderator to Global Moderator
- Removed Killerteddy