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Why CU and Elaztek Operate (mostly) Together (and a rant on why im not quitting CU or MC ever)

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So, a lot has changed in the past year.


Elaztek made its official launch in 2017 after numerous issues with WindFrontier over at Chaotic United, and it ended up with several people being sick of it all. People needed a new home, and that home ended up being Elaztek. There were topics (that are now hidden) that depicted this, that warned WindFrontier as well as said that Elaztek had absolutely no relation to CU at all.


While the official stance hasn't changed, if you ask me that stance certainly isn't shared through the team. Undeniably, those topics simply don't reflect the current vision or way Elaztek operates anymore.


Those topics were written still very early on after the events that transpired on CU, when it was still fresh. That early time span led to a lot more hate directed at CU. People were saying things like "yeah, everyone is just waiting to watch CU fall", "we're gonna watch it burn to the ground", etc. All of this was still back when everyone violently hated Alycat - a feeling which, while some may still get annoyed with Aly here and there, is a sentiment no longer felt by the Elaztek or CU team. Sure, there's the joke here and there about Aly - but those exist with everyone on the team. From what I've seen, it doesn't come from a place of hatred the way it did in early 2017. People moved on.


Going forward, my hope is that Elaztek and CU can continue to be good with each other. Perhaps one day, the two will officially work together - as opposed to merely sharing core staff teams.


But despite this progress that is just awesome to see, there are still some people who like to have a fit whenever any sort of crossover occurs. Why does Elaztek share staff teams with CU? Why does Elaztek offer CU website themes? What's the deal?


The deal is that, while these two entities are run under separate flags, their teams and their spirit are the same throughout. Sure, not every team member loves Minecraft. Not everyone loves game development. But chances are, most of the people around here find something enjoyable about what CU or Elaztek are doing.


I suppose this is a sort of "new and improved" Elaztek in regards to CU post in a way. Again, there has been no official stance change since the original announcement. The announcement which I hid because, as I said, I simply don't think it's even remotely accurate anymore.


For those of you over here from CU, you've probably noticed I tend to do CU for a while then I do a 180 and flip over here for a good while. I admit, I tend to get tired of doing one thing for a bit and then eventually that same thing is the only thing I want to do. Give it a bit and I guarantee that I'll disappear from here and you'll see me doing nothing but Minecraft.


Does this mean I'm finally bored of MC? Am I closing CU's doors? Am I going to close down the MC server because I've finally realized that MC isn't profitable and can't be made successful in the modern era?


Don't make me laugh.


Chaotic United will ALWAYS go forward. Myself (and Aly as well) are just too damn stubborn to let it go. Many seem to think that as soon as I get bored of MC temporarily, that I no longer have any passion for it. I have also heard time and time again that I am an idiot for still doing MC after so much time, and I've been called crazy for continuing to pour more and more money into CU. People have even told me to not even worry about CU at all; to simply let it sit in a state of disrepair - and to focus on Elaztek.


I'm sorry but I can't do that. When I work on CU, I don't see it as work. I genuinely enjoy it. When I stop working on it usually means I've gotten tired of it - a feeling that will pass as it always does. When I invest money into it, I don't do it with the intention of trying to making profit, or making that money back. I don't see it as wasting money on something that will never succeed, I see it as spending money on what can either be an expensive hobby - or perhaps one day, something that will make all of that money back and more.


I do what I do on Elaztek for fun, because I enjoy it. I do what I do on Chaotic United, out of personal value and enjoyment. Is Elaztek a lot more likely to bring in the bucks? Of course it is! It doesn't take a genius to realize that selling a video game is a lot easier than selling a rank on a Minecraft server. I don't see either of these as a job. And no matter how big Elaztek gets, I will never - EVER - give up on Chaotic United.


Chaotic United is the very reason I know any of the people I know today. It is the reason I have a large group of people to talk to, a group of friends I love, and the reason I have any team on Elaztek to begin with. Elaztek exists today because of the people of Chaotic United. If it was just me on my own, I wouldn't have had anyone. Were it not for me opening Chaotic United's doors again, I wouldn't have had people come back in from the old days of Killerteddy - people who then brought in others and continued to build up a brand new community.


Like it or not, Elaztek and CU share DNA. They share history. You will forever and always see Elaztek mentioned over on CU, and you'll see CU mentioned on Elaztek. This is something that will always happen, and embracing it is the best way to handle it. Don't fight it, don't try to stop it or silence it, don't try to claim that I need to remove Elaztek mentions from the CU timeline page because "Elaztek isn't part of CU" - because that's the biggest load of shit I've ever heard. Don't tell me that I need to exclude the "- Removed Killerteddy" line from the update notes on Elaztek, because Elaztek isn't related to CU. I hate to break it to you, but it is. They are far more related than you realize.


And, one last thing. If you're reading this and about to message me somewhere saying I bitched you out or called you out or otherwise complaining about this, just shut your damn mouth because I won't have it. These are my views. I did not call anyone out by name and I have no intention of doing so. Before you come and yell at me for writing a personal blog post, understand that I am not attacking anyone. I am simply refuting destructive and negative statements with my own views and opinions of excitement, undying motivation, and eternal passion for Elaztek, Chaotic United, Nuclear District, and every other name and brand I've picked up over the years - and the ones yet to come.

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