Elaztek Updates #10 - Public Documentation


Hey, everyone! We've got a short and sweet announcement today.

As of today, all of our generated documentation for the Blamite Game Engine is now public to all users.

What does this mean?

This means slightly different things depending on who you are.


  • If you're part of our team, it means you don't have to remember your login credentials anymore.
  • If you're someone who just wants to play a game, this will likely be meaningless to you.
  • If you're someone who's curious as to what goes on with Blamite under the hood, this ought to be an exciting source of knowledge for you to comb through.


What does the documentation contain?

The documentation contains information about a great deal of the code within the engine. It includes documentation of all classes, methods, global variables, macros, enums, functions, and more throughout the entire game engine, including the engine core itself, the executables, and all the Editing Kit.


The vast majority of code should be fully documented, although you may find areas here and there which aren't. These are likely incomplete features that are undergoing major changes, legacy code that will be removed in the future, or just something that we forgot to document :lmao:


As of right now, the list of projects available are as follows:

  • blam - The game engine core.
  • blamite - A small executable which is used to run the engine.
  • eula - An unused library which will likely be removed in the future.
  • FontExtractor - A C#-based tool used to create font packages.
  • foundry - A small executable used to run the Foundry editor.
  • guerilla - A small executable used to run the Guerilla tag editor.
  • HEKFoundry - The library containing all Foundry-specific functionality. Used by foundry and keystone.
  • HEKGuerilla - The library containing all Guerilla-specific functionality. Used by guerilla and keystone.
  • HEKSapien - The library containing all Sapien-specific functionality. Used by sapien and keystone.
  • HEKTool - The library containing all Tool-specific functionality. Used by tool and keystone.
  • keystone - A library that contains all Qt-based UI functionality. Used within the entire Editing Kit, excluding legacy C# projects.
  • sapien - A small executable used to run the Sapien level editor.
  • Strings - A general-purpose library used across all projects.
  • tool - A small executable used to run Tool.
  • verstamp - A smal C#-based utility, used during the Jenkins build procedure to "stamp" version information into a build.


How can I access it?

The latest documentation from a fresh Jenkins build will always be accessible at https://hub.elaztek.com/docs/latest/ .


However, we also archive documentation from all prior builds as well. You can browse these at https://hub.elaztek.com/docs/.


Please note that you will see 'Restricted' messages on all documentation builds prior to 00347. This is because until now, the documentation was completely restricted to the public. You may of course disregard those warnings now. 😉


If you have any questions about Blamite (or of anything you run across in the documentation), feel free to let me know either here on the website, or on our Discord!

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