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Found 4 results

  1. haloman30

    Eon Game Engine

    Meant to be reliable and fast, Eon is made to be easy to use and very simple. Eon has the power to produce very large games and is in no way meant to limit game creativity and size. It's simple which means easy to change and very adaptable. It's geared towards 2d game development and comes with all the features necessary to make awesome 2D games. Eon is made with C++ and SFML (Simple Fast Multimedia Layer) which is a widely used and popular graphics library for C++. This means that there are plenty of tutorials and resources available to learn SFML. Making Eon a good choice for any beginners or experts next project. So check it out, see what's possible when you have Eon in your toolbox!
  2. JTKreates

    Usage-Report #1

    To use Eon you need to have a C++ IDE installed and you also need to setup SFML in the project as well, you can find plenty of tutorials online on how to do this. Clone the Eon repository and then copy and paste all of the files from the src/ folder into your project source folder. From there import the files and make your changes. The only files you need to edit would be any of the state classes or the resource holder header file. Editing other files might break the engine and i'd recommend not changing anything unless you are sure you know what you are doing. If you'd like to request a certain feature then just message me and i'll get to it as soon as possible. More detailed documentation will come out further along in development. Good Luck Developing
  3. JTKreates

    Eon-Progress Check #2

    I have created a state manager and 4 empty states already setup to work with the state manager. These 4 states are the loading, menu, gameplay, and pause states, and I have set the manger up with a template state class so it's easy to create more states. There is a new Util class that I will add to as the need for it increases, as of now I have a random number generator set up and a random prime number generator still in development. I have updated the resource manager even more and while the actual manager hasn't changed much, I have implemented a new loading function where you can specify all of your sprites, textures, and other resources all in one file and the manager loads everything at startup. You simply include the resource holder header file in all your other cpp files to use the resources. At this point the main game class is also nearly complete, I still need to play around with it a bit more to finish it but as of now the game engine is far enough in development to start being used for making games. Good Luck Creating
  4. JTKreates

    Eon-Progess Check #1

    I have created a resource manager and a basic window manager. It now supports loading, erasing, and modifying different resources for the game. It also has support to create a basic window.