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  1. haloman30


    + Added menu bar for easier navigation and control + Redesigned about box * Configuration is no longer used by continuously re-reading the file, but now has several classes (NTConfigOption, NTConfigFile) * Globals is now a static class (rather than declaring 41 different instances of globals) * Changelog now relies on an online json file (tied to this new changelog system!) rather than having version changelogs hard-coded into the program * Changelog versions are now stored in special classes (NTVersion, NTVersionNuPkg, NTRemoteVersion) * Refactoring for changelog UI controls * Scrollbars will now show up for version Changelog and NuGet packages * Most user-end text is now stored in a String table, rather than being placed within each file induvidually - Disabled Play button functionality for old "predev" launcher UI
  2. haloman30


    + Experimental support for user-defined color schemes + Added checkboxes to enable Snapshots, Beta versions, and Alpha versions of Project: Infinity * Replaced the spam of "Repeated" 'Done' messages in console with more detailed information * Improved spacing within Blamite Map Manager - Removed 'Players First.' button from Legal Documents flyout, as the page is hidden from the public (for now, kinda cringe for my liking)
  3. haloman30


    + Officially introduced telemetry system (user can disable in settings) + Added the Blamite Map Manager (BETA) + Added a 'First Run' dialog, which now provides a very clear option to disable telemetry right out of the gate, as well as forces agreement to all the needed legal documents * Launcher message dialog contents now supports scrolling for longer messages - just in case. * Internal fix: much more flexible and reliable way to write config values * Config button in Console flyout now opens the Settings flyout instead of the old config window (you can still use old broken window via commands though, if you REALLY want to) * Fixed all the 'Done' messages in the log to now display the actual information - which was the loading of RSS items from the Elaztek website
  4. haloman30


    + Fully redesigned UI + Added a redeem key page (wip) + Added login page (wip) + Added user dropdown menu, chat, friends, and something else in window title + Added new config option: Telemetry logging level + Implemented new system logging levels: None, Basic, Full. These levels display various levels of system software and hardware information in log files at startup. Default setting is BASIC, because we aren't Microsoft and this isn't Windows 10. More information on what exactly is collected can be found at: http://elaztek.com/products/launcher/launcher_telemetry + Added new config option: Allow maximize/restore + Added new config option: Allow free resizing * Console now has scrollbars, and no longer has text wrapping * Updated MahApps.Metro to 1.5.0 * Assembly renamed from launcher-wpf to NTlauncher * The old config window is officially deprecated. All updates have been placed into the new integrated page.
  5. haloman30


    + Embedded all UI fonts into the application to fix font problems + Developer features can be accessed via a hidden config option + Clicking an announcement on the frontpage will open the topic in the default web browser + Added scrollbars to all tile lists + Added work-in-progress configurator for the Blamite Game Engine + Added new main screen + Project: Infinity downlaod button now displays a message + Added Infinity game options + Added new exit confirmation dialog * Fixed News & Updates title displaying * Fixed some layout issues with tiles on Infinity game tab (developer only) * Fixed layout issues with info panes in specific game tabs * Marked changelog UI as depreceated * Config values are loaded in a more flexible fashion (needs further testing) * .CNR files are now no longer supported * Migrated to JSON for version downloading/handling * Logging system migrated from junky textbox text appending to proper console binding
  6. haloman30


    * Made certain features hidden unless devmode is enabled * Got basic functionality working with .CNR (Cached Network Resource) files
  7. haloman30


    * Added icon to title bar * Disabled all-caps title + Added experimental Appx/UWP inspired msghandler dialog (see Developer flyout)
  8. haloman30


    [HUGE MIGRATION TO WPF] + Added new experimental features in Project: Infinity tab +Added new themes added by MahApps.Metro * Ported core application to WPF, some windows continue to utilize Windows Forms (and WPF may be discontinued in favor of Forms * Configuration is now integrated into the main window * Developer Tab removed at runtime, can be accessed in developer versions from the title bar * Dark theme is now the default selection - Removed a few themes only applicable to MetroFramework - Removed Launcher Output tab, can be accessed in the main window via the title bar - Removed ability to maximize (because WPF is retarded >_
  9. haloman30


    + Added WIP advanced configuration + Added experimental induivudal game tab layout + Added icon to main window
  10. haloman30


    - Removed Hell Reborn from game selection list + Added Vista to game selection list
  11. haloman30


    + Experimental Metro Interface (within seperate launcher project file, as it lacks support for disabling said styles) + Added application Icon
  12. haloman30


    + Added config option to switch between CEFSharp and Visual Studio's standard web browser (nonfunctional) + Some testing in the Developer tab, a UWP-style button design as well as a textbox with the current build as well as a button to copy to clipboard(because fuck typing that shit out) * Fixed refresh button console logger: Changed initialization log output from 'browser' to 'chromeBrowser' * Fixed refresh button functionality: Changed method from chromeBrowser.Refresh(); to chromeBrowser.Reload();
  13. haloman30

    GItlab Changes regarding Unity

    Last night, Unity Technologies (Creator of Unity) made changes to their Terms of Service that are alarming for the game industry in general. However the catalyst of the uproar and this post is from improbable (The Creator of SpatialOS). Last night, the licenses for the development team of SpatialOS and some games using SpatialOS are having their licenses pulled for a breach of the ToS. Earlier today we received word to remove two repositories containing SpatialOS, to which we did. Additionally, we were advised to remove all code relating to Unity from our custom server solution Raven Server. Those two things today made my team, Halo and I both look into this and decide what direction we are going to go. It was unanimous that we would put some restrictions in place in order to make sure that we do not get into legally issues with Unity or jeopardize our relationship with the company. There are still many questions regarding the ambiguous writing of the ToS and we unfortunately do not have all the answers. As of result we are implementing the following changes. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY SpatialOS projects and servers using the Unity Runtime are no longer allowed on the Elaztek/ Errite Gitlab. Until we get more information from Unity itself, we are implementing these current procedures. - SpatialOS Projects using the Unity Engine are not allowed (Though SpatialOS projects using other engines are allowed) - Game Server Technology that use the Unity Runtime are not allowed. - Any Apps that stream the Unity Runtime from a cloud servers hardware to a computer are no longer allowed. It must be running the Unity Runtime locally. What this means for Elaztek and Errite: - All current projects using the Unity Engine are currently temporarily ceasing development. - RavenRunner which was scheduled to go into testing the next couple of months will be put on hold. - We will not be endorsing any community developed apps that break Unity’s TOS on our download section. - Any apps that break Unity’s TOS on the Download section will be removed. What does this mean for Errite and Elaztek Internally? - While Errite does provide resources to Elaztek and Chaotic United, Errite was setup in a way that made it where if Raven Runner was to be a failure, it would not put the company in debt. This means if this goes unresolved, Errite will continue along with Elaztek and CU. - If this goes unresolved this means that Elaztek and Errite pull all support of Unity Technologies and will divert to another engine on current or future projects. However, this will only be used as a last resort. If we can still publish Raven Runner, we will do it and then refrain from using Unity’s engine in the future. What do I think? I have defended Unity in the past, but this time I will not do so. Seeing them pull this apple like tactics is absolutely unacceptable how they are ruining titles that are out and in development just so they can stifle the competition and gain market share. The same day that this happened they announced a competitor to SpacialOS. I used to praise Unity for providing Plus License users with tools to make their vision a reality and more tools then they did for jumpstarting a game then UE4. But the fact that they pulled this stunt makes it all for nothing. I’ve heard stories of many different game developers that are using Unity right now getting fucked over, resulting in either disappointment for fans or great financial losses. While I am not sure what route we will be taking with Raven Runner, I will not be tolerating the behavior of someone using their own influence to make a potential competitor bow down to a ransom fee. It could be Unity’s Legal Division fucking this up, who knows? But as far as I know, Unity better not fuck this up or I will be pulling my support faster then they can say “Wait come back” and I wont tolerate this behavior. Absolutely pathetic. For more information go to the links below https://improbable.io/company/news/2019/01/10/unity-blocks-spatialos https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/7716/unity-has-blocked-spatialos-what-s-up-and-what-it-m https://forum.unity.com/threads/recent-tos-update-blocks-the-use-of-spatialos-to-make-games-in-unity.610447
  14. haloman30

    11/21/2018 Update

    + Added Issue Tracker + Added Issue Tracker category: Blamite Game Engine (BLAM) + Added Issue Tracker category: Elaztek Launcher (NTL) + Added Issue Tracker category: Project: Infinity (HALO) * Disabled Bug Tracker category: Elaztek Launcher * Disabled Bug Tracker category: Blamite Game Engine - Removed Killerteddy
  15. haloman30

    11/20/2018 Bugfix

    * Fixed the Homepage News Manager page showing to regular users * Fixed Team dropdown menu being visible to regular users * Fixed featured calendar events not displaying to regular users on homepage