Here, you can find the names of people, companies, software, and so on that has helped Elaztek Studios grow to what it is today. Some things listed are no longer in use - but were at one point in the past. We've done our best to try not to leave anything out - but if you feel that we missed something, please do let us know!

Website Technology

  • Forums Software (2016-Present)IP.Board/IPS Community Suite
  • Website Host (2016-2021)InMotion Hosting
  • Website Host (2021-Present)haloman30

Forums Themes (3.4.x/4.x)

  • Chaotic Metro (Default theme used on early 2016 forums)Spencer
  • Chaotic v3 (Base for Chaotic Metro)Spencer
  • Eaverin (Base for Elaztek Studios and all Midnight/Daylight theme variants)Kensei
  • WindFrontier (Titan)IPSFocus
  • WinClassic/Windows Classichaloman30
  • XGame (Chaotic Blue, Chaotic Green, Nostalgia) (Port from 3.4.x)haloman30, ???
  • CU Theme - Lighthaloman30, Atomicbeast101
  • NuclearDistrict's ThemeAtomicbeast101
  • Uniform 4.2IPSFocus
  • Midnighthaloman30
  • Midnight 7haloman30
  • Midnight/Daylight 7.1haloman30
  • Midnight/Daylight 7.2haloman30
  • Midnight/Daylight 7.3haloman30

Graphic and Web Design

  • Elaztek Logo (2014)haloman30
  • Elaztek Logo (2016)haloman30
  • Elaztek Logo (2023)haloman30
  • Forum Icons (2016-2020)haloman30
  • Forum Icons (2020-Present)haloman30
  • Forum Grid Banners (2022-Present)haloman30
  • Page Header Backgrounds (2019-Present)Bungie, 343 Industries, Halo Community
  • Group Badges (2017-Present)haloman30
  • Blamite Game Engine Logohaloman30
  • Eon Game Engine Logohaloman30
  • Galactiminer Logohaloman30
  • SeptagonBungie
  • Marathon LogoBungie

Discord Technology

  • Jinux (Johnson)/Xunij 1.xAtomicbeast101
  • HawkEye 1.xWindwhistle
  • HawkEye 2.xhaloman30

Blamite Game Engine

  • Original GUI LayoutsBungie
  • Toolset - Sapien, Guerilla, Tool, Foundryhaloman30
  • Engine Corehaloman30
  • 3D RenderingOgre3D

Elaztek Studios

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And we want to give a special thanks to all the members who have stuck around for all these years since 2017. Thank you for being a part of what Elaztek Studios was back then, and continuing to be a part of what Elaztek Studios is today. We never could have made it this far without you.

Thank you.