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  • Foundation: Windows Forms, WPF Interface: MetroFramework, MahApps.Metro dev
+ Added menu bar for easier navigation and control
+ Redesigned about box
+ Added new Settings window to replace the old Settings flyout
+ Added new splash screen
* Moved a ton of startup events into the splash screen loader, instead of the main application window itself
* Configuration is no longer used by continuously re-reading the file, but now has several classes (NTConfigOption, NTConfigFile)
* Globals is now a static class (rather than declaring 41 different instances of globals)
* Changelog now relies on an online json file (tied to this new changelog system!) rather than having version changelogs hard-coded into the program
* Changelog versions are now stored in special classes (NTVersion, NTVersionNuPkg, NTRemoteVersion)
* Refactoring for changelog UI controls
* Scrollbars will now show up for version Changelog and NuGet packages
* Most user-end text is now stored in a String table, rather than being placed within each file individually
* User profile menu now uses a standard context menu instead of the fake dropdown
* Reworked how the latest News & Announcements are retrieved
* Changed most functions that utilized the old message box to use the new design
* Moved all logging-related functions to the NTLogger class
* Moved all telemetry-related functions to the NTTelemetry class
- Disabled Play button functionality for old "predev" launcher UI

Edited by haloman30

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