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  • Foundation: Windows Forms, WPF Interface: MetroFramework, MahApps.Metro dev
+ Officially introduced telemetry system (user can disable in settings)
+ Added the Blamite Map Manager (BETA)
+ Added a 'First Run' dialog, which now provides a very clear option to disable telemetry right out of the gate, as well as forces agreement to all the needed legal documents
* Launcher message dialog contents now supports scrolling for longer messages - just in case.
* Internal fix: much more flexible and reliable way to write config values
* Config button in Console flyout now opens the Settings flyout instead of the old config window (you can still use old broken window via commands though, if you REALLY want to)
* Fixed all the 'Done' messages in the log to now display the actual information - which was the loading of RSS items from the Elaztek website

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