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Tools Overview


Several tools are available to create content for the Blamite Game Engine.



Foundry is Blamite's unified editing environment. In order to aid in making the engine easier to use, welcoming to newcomers, and in the spirit of making Blamite usable as a modern game engine, you can use Foundry as a complete alternative to the legacy editing tools. It is designed from the ground up to be easy to use, and familiar to those who are more accustomed to other engines like Unity or Unreal.


All of the features listed below for the legacy tools exist as part of Foundry as well.


Legacy Editing Kit

For those who are more familiar with and prefer the legacy editing tools, the legacy editing tools also exist and are fully usable. The classic tools act as libraries for Foundry, and as such will often receive new features alongside Foundry.



Guerilla is Blamite's tag editor. This is where you'll be creating engine-specific content, as well as importing external assets into a format that the engine can use.



Sapien is Blamite's level editor. This is where you'll be populating levels with weapons, objects, vehicles, and more.



Tool is the program used to compile tags into cache files, as well as perform other tag/content maintenance operations.

To learn more about Cache Files, visit this page.


Specialized Utilities

A series of specialized, purpose-built utilities also exist. Over time, these will be folded into Foundry. But for now, they remain as standalone utilities.



FontTool (formerly FontPackager) is a program used to create Blamite font packages. Font packages are used to make fonts available to the game engine.


To learn more about Font Packages, visit this page.

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