Who we are

Elaztek Studios is a small independent game studio, with the goal of creating great games.

Obviously. I mean, what else is a game studio going to do?

Well, we have a degree of ambition that you aren't as likely to find with other studios - we're building our own game engine from the ground up. Where many other smaller studios would (for good reason) use an engine that's already out there and ready to use, we're going the route of building our technology from the ground up.

Right now, we're a smaller studio with only a few people in it - and even fewer actually working on a project actively. We aren't a "real" company as of yet, but in due time - we'll get there.

What we believe

We've got a few bones to pick with other studios, big and small (but mostly big). So much so that we're already drafting policy documents to ensure that we can't repeat these mistakes.

We believe in building our technology in such a way that enables and empowers the community. Blamite is being built with mod support in mind from the outset.

We believe that online-only games do more harm than good. Sure, online play is fun - but the issue is these games require servers to function. Should the servers go down, so does your ability to enjoy the game you already paid for. We plan to avoid creating these kinds of games at all if possible - though in the event that those plans change, we commit to ensuring that if we ever decide to drop servers for that kind of game, that you'll be able to keep playing.

We believe that gameplay-altering microtransactions have no place in a $60 product or AAA-level game. Period. Cosmetics are reasonable (if used properly), but you should be able to enjoy the game to the fullest extent without paying for anything more than the base game (or any major content expansions).

We believe in preservation. That means preserving old Alpha and Beta builds, preserving source code, preserving assets, and essentially everything else. When creating content for Elaztek - be it a game, application, or just a simple webpage - rest assured that we've got extensive archives of whatever game before, and that we'll do our best to make it so that you can keep using and viewing them.