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    This article is not yet finished and may contain inaccurate information. Mission Statement Our mission at Elaztek from the start, the founding principles, are to develop awesome games that are created as works of art. Not as tools to rake in heaps of cash, or to nickel and dime consumers with the never ending sea of microtransactions, season passes, and what have you, but to be played and enjoyed. Making money is important, to allow us to keep doing what we do, but so is having some integrity. So many studios nowadays are either developing games for the purpose of money grabbing, or are forced to do so by their publishers. Even studios with good, clean names have been tarnished forever by the hands of money-seeking corporations who care nothing for the customer. We are the opposite of these corporations. We take great value in community interaction. Games like Halo: Custom Edition and the original DOOM were kept alive for 15 or more years from the aid of development tools or open-sourced software. It is this community involvement that helps a studio grow and prosper. While not all games will receive a full SDK treatment, due to either limitations or to avoid hackers and the like (mostly applies to mobile games), our vision for the future is to have the majority of the games we release be fully capable of modification by the user. Rather than stand against modders who will do what they do regardless, we opt instead to encourage them. We give them the tools to do what they enjoy with the least resistance possible. We have a ready-to-go system on our website to facilitate the sharing and distribution of these mods and other community content. In a world full of companies that are in it for the money and nothing else, we want to be the exception to the rule. While money is important, and while it will be an important factor, we will never sacrifice the artistic integrity of our games for the sake of some extra profit. Maybe if it's a difference between being able to pay our employees and keep the business afloat, then maybe that will be violated, but if we are doing well off and we aren't strapped for cash, the artistry comes first. You may be a bit off-put by that last point. This is our final pillar of our company, our last key to our mission statement. Honesty. If we are tight on cash and we need extra money to save the company, you will know. You will be able to help us if you wish should such a scenario occur (and let us pray that it doesn't). If we have to make compromises to our artistry in order to ensure the lights stay on, we won't lie to you. We will tell you, and we will hope you can forgive us in those occurrences. Another few honest words: you may see some microtransactions in games published on mobile. "Why? You just said you were against it! You're liars!". Mobile games are a very different market and have a very different audience from PC/Console gamers. Besides, our mobile games are generally free to play to help counteract this. You don't have to spend any money if you don't want to. What about our work environment? We want to offer a very diverse and flexible work environment. We don't operate based on two year deadlines that lead to unfinished, buggy, or outright broken software. We release games when they're done. We will generally announce a release date later in the development cycle, when the game is mostly complete aside from a few minor tweaks and bug fixes. We also will often hold public beta tests to help gauge user feedback, and these changes may also be incorporated into the final product. Additionally, we allow our team to work on fan-projects. Fan-projects generally refer to a game that takes place in a universe of an IP we don't own rights to. A prime example is Project: Infinity. We will never pursue these projects that could guarantee legal fallout (such as anything made by Nintendo), but in cases like Microsoft's where a set of guidelines are provided that, if followed, authorize the creation of these projects, we do allow these to be pursued. In terms of original IP's and content, our team is allowed to work on what they want as long as they are being productive. We enjoy doing what we do. With the help of you, the Elaztek Community, and with the help of our volunteers who help develop fan projects like Project: Infinity, we are here to stay, and we want to be the company that you can look to in times of doubt. When you are sat there, angry at the fact that so many companies just won't listen to their communities, their own consumers, and just keep gouging them for more money, we want to be the one to pop in your head that makes you feel just a little bit better. To comfort you in that there is at least one company with integrity. Even as we grow and expand, and perhaps become a major AAA developer and publisher, these values are built into the company. As a small startup, a respectable indie developer, or a major game development studio and publisher, these are our values. They are here to stay, to remain unchanged, to be displayed on our studio walls and to be our official mission statement. Elaztek Studios is a game development company that seeks to develop fun games, foster community interaction, to acknowledge its community and to have fun doing all of it. And we hope you can stick around for the ride.