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Elaztek Updates #6 - Galactiminer Website, new Composer, and Account Linking

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Hey everyone! Another announcement so soon? Why, yes. Lots of stuff happening nowadays - isn't it exciting?


First off, we've got the basics of the Galactiminer: Evolved website up! You can check it out live at! There currently isn't a whole lot to it as of yet besides some links and a couple pages - but you can expect to see it continue to grow and evolve as time goes on and Galactiminer continues to make progress.


Speaking of progress, yesterday we introduced a new member to the Elaztek team - @Verblendet! I'll leave it up to him when/if he wants to reveal any information about himself, but here's what I can tell you - he will be the man behind the music of Galactiminer. We hope to have some juicy tunes to fill your ears here relatively soon - but you must not rush the creative process. Music composition is a long and tedious process.


Lastly, we've introduced a cool new feature for those of you who are coming over (or who formerly came over) from Chaotic United - the ability to sign in with your Chaotic United account on Elaztek - and vice versa. You can now sign up, login, and sync information between the two. If you have an account on CU already and want to quickly get signed up here, you can just click 'Sign in with Chaotic United' on the login screen. Alternatively, if you have an account here but not on CU, you can sign into CU with your Elaztek account.


That's all for now, folks! Stay tuned for any upcoming progress and development on Galactiminer! And don't forget to spread our Kickstarter campaign around:

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