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Elaztek's New Direction

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Hey, everyone! We've got some exciting news! There is unfortunately some bad news, but it's not that bad.


First off: the bad news - Project: Infinity and the Blamite Game Engine have been put on temporary hold - kind of - for a while. I say kind of because there will likely be some limited development on my end here and there, however neither of these will be our main focus for the time being. The reason for this is to introduce a new project. Ladies and gentlemen, Elaztek Studios is proud to announce the initiation of a new project:




Some of you just might recognize this name, if you've been around since the Haloman Development days (or more likely, went around our website and found any of the old HMD stuff laying around). The original idea behind Galactiminer wasn't a whole lot beyond a clone of Murder Miners - but different. That was the idea my 13-year-old self had. Just a year later, the project was cancelled because my child self couldn't make games at all (shocking, I know). Long before that though, it was put on hold merely 12 days later. Yet again a week later, it was resumed again. From there, it continued to make no progress until Project: Infinity was announced - and since then, Galactiminer has sat, quietly untouched in the shadow of Project: Infinity. Until now. So what changed? What suddenly caused Project: Infinity and Blamite to be put on a sort-of hold in favor of Galactiminer?


Entering the Workforce - A Mixed Bag


The answer will likely come as a surprise as it's not something I ever talk about in relation to Elaztek or Chaotic United - income.


As those of you on CU know, I recently (on August 23, 2018) started a job at Walmart. The work itself isn't too hard - however it does give me unbearable leg and foot pain by the end of the day every single day. But the pain isn't the main issue here - it's the time.


For years, I had the assumption that a full-time job would take up roughly the same amount of time as a typical school day. This simply isn't the case. Combined with actually requiring a full night's sleep, an hour lunch built into the workday, and so on - and as a result, I have next to no time to myself during work days. As such, I'm making a dramatic shift that will prioritize income generation in a way that hasn't been done so before. Our focus will still be on making great games, of course, but we won't be ignoring the element of making money any longer.




We've actually launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund Galactiminer: Evolved's development and help accelerate it into the world. You may be wondering, accelerate it how? What's the benefit? Aren't your team members volunteers? Yes, yes they are. However, a Kickstarter campaign would change that. There would be both paid and volunteer employees - unless funds prove to be insufficient. The most important thing that the funds would do is allow me to quit my job and work on Galactiminer full time. A chance to truly learn more about what I want to do and how to do it better, and a chance to build a game without school or work or anything else interfering. A chance to truly bring Galactiminer to life, and to launch Elaztek for real.


So, why the subtitle? Why is it called Galactiminer: Evolved, and not just Galactiminer? Well, there are two main reasons that both go hand in hand. First off, there's stuff from various corners of the Elaztek, Haloman Development, and other websites that describe Galactiminer in the context of the original idea. Which leads into the other main reason - this Galactiminer is drastically different from the Galactiminer idea as it was in 2013. I won't guarantee that the subtitle won't be dropped later, but for the time being - we're going to be sticking with the subtitle (even though you'll still probably see me and others refer to it as just Galactiminer).


The Future of Project: Infinity and the Blamite Game Engine


So, what of Blamite and Project: Infinity? Will they fall to the shadows, never to be touched again? Will they never see the light of day?


Absolutely not - we have no plans to abandon either of these projects. It will take time, but when we make a promise - we keep it. We will be temporarily departing from Blamite and Infinity for a bit, but when the time is right, Blamite will come to life. It will be used to power all games under Elaztek once it's capable of making quality games. However, we want to develop a product that can actually be sold before that point first.


What if the Kickstarter doesn't get funded?


We've got some ideas, but we're going to wait and see how the Kickstarter goes before we announce any other plans.




If you have any questions regarding all things Galactiminer - be it joining our team, what the gameplay will be like, or even suggestions for anything along the road, or anything else - feel free to ask away on this topic!


If you wish to help ensure this project comes to life, support and/or share our Kickstarter campaign:

To visit the Galactiminer: Evolved website: <TBA>

To read the Galactiminer FAQ:


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