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The End of Elaztek Gameservers

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This is a change that actually happened a while back, but apparently everybody just plain forgot to announce it to the public. Better late than never, though, right? 😃


So, we don't have any gameservers anymore. Just Cause 2, Ark, Don't Starve Together, CSGO, and Unturned servers are now offline. All their files have been copied over to Chaotic United's dedicated server, so that should we want they can be reintroduced.


Michael wrote a "Closing FAQ" a while back, to attach to the official announcement. That FAQ is at the bottom of this announcement in the spoiler. Most of that pertains to Raven Runner, however, so allow me to go into more details on the non-Raven Runer side of things.


First of all, if these servers ever come back, you will find them over on Chaotic United. Here at Elaztek, we make games - and the only reason these servers were ever branded as Elaztek is a result of some of our team being unhappy with the direction of Chaotic United at that point in time. People didn't want to be involved in CU anymore, and thus the servers were kept up under the Elaztek name. As time passed, things changed at CU and the feelings of the people here did as well - hence why the files for these servers are back in CU's hands.


Any effort that was formerly put into maintaining these servers is now going to be put towards the primary goal of Elaztek Studios: game and software development. If you do wish for these servers to return, you'll have to ask over on Chaotic United. The server IP's have been removed from the services block on forums page, and all the subforums have been archived.


On an unrelated note, incase you didn't see the previous announcement addendum, we updated all the banners of our own screenshots - with the exception of a select few. Despite the joking blurb on that announcement, these screenshots are entirely allowed under the Microsoft Game Content Usage Rules. 🎉


We hope to have more to share soon! @JTKreates has been making some good progress with the Eon Game Engine - it's not quite ready to show off publicly yet, but it's coming along nicely.


That's a wrap on today's announcement, keep an eye out for more down the road!


Closing FAQ by Michael:


Closing FAQ:
Why is this happening?
At Elaztek, our focus has always been working on game development related projects and while providing the community a place to hangout and game. However, over recent months all of these servers have sat empty and most of our current Raven Runner Team now plays multiplayer games with no community servers such as Fortnite and Overwatch. While our servers have not been actively used in the community, we thought it would be better to use these resource towards our core mission of game development and use the testing phase of many of our projects to our advantage.


What Happens to our inventories?
All inventories and files will be archived to maybe revisit at a later point.


Will these services ever return?
Maybe, however it isn’t guaranteed - so don't beg for it to return.


What will the community use to game together?
Every once and a while we will be holding community gaming events where the whole community can get together and play a game (usually will be decided in a poll). 

What about the Fortnite channels?
The fortnite channel has been added once more and we also introduced a Overwatch channel.

When will the Donator stuff launch?
We will be working on getting it launched before Raven Runner launches. 

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