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Elaztek Updates #1 - A Brand New Start

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So, some things have gone down over on Chaotic United that has led to Elaztek Studios coming up to fruition.


Over the past few months on CU since Aly was demoted, I was sitting around miserable due to the loss of my friend, Alycat. Today I had a weak moment again and I wanted to bring my friend back. I was talking with Michael regarding it and he later spoke to Wind. Wind ended up quitting CU outright and is back on WindFrontier. At that point, Michael and I had little faith in the future of CU due to Wind leaving.


Eventually, it came to a point where Michael and I were considering rebranding CU under the Elaztek name and CU would effectively die off, but I came up with a different plan.


Aly has returned to Chaotic United and is once again my friend. CU may or may not continue to move forward but I will retain a hefty level of control over it - as in, Aly isn't coming in and totally taking over. The staff of CU that would rather stay away from Alycat have been invited here to Elaztek Studios, a brand new start with a brand new goal: To make great games that kick ass.


Should Chaotic United close down in the future, it will become a trademark of Elaztek Studios, and this will be the parent company. If you have come over from Chaotic United, welcome aboard, and we hope you have a great time here.


Nobody, staff or player, in CU will be asked to leave. However, Alycat will never be seen here on Elaztek Studios for various reasons. This place may also serve as an escape for those who cannot stand Aly.


Upvote this post if you're happy to be part of Elaztek Studios!

If you have any additional questions or concerns please ask them below!


The Elaztek Studios Team








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