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Elaztek Updates #4 - Website Overhaul!

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Hey, everyone! It's been a bit, hasn't it?


While the public side of Elaztek has been rather quiet, our team has still been hard at work on both our games and the website.


Our frontpage is no longer just a lazy placeholder thing, and now actually features stuff like upcoming events, the latest announcement, and still contains all the content you've grown used to seeing on the homepage. Unfortunately, the shoutbox is not added to the homepage (yet) due to some weird bugs with how it retrieves chat messages - and as such we've elected to hold off on its implementation for the time being.


Additionally, we have a brand new theme - Midnight 7. I'll give you 3 guesses where the theme comes from. Our main page is currently only compatible with the new theme, but as time goes on we will be making sure to get it looking decent on all the different themes we have, old and new. For those of you who hate this new website design, you are free to revert back to the original 'Midnight' theme by scrolling to the bottom of the page, clicking the Theme menu, and picking the theme.


Additionally, we are introducing our Helpcenter, albeit in a beta stage. Some topics are still a work-in-progress, and absolutely all content within it is subject to change. Take anything you read in there with a grain of salt for right now, you will see something like this at the top of each article:


This article is not yet finished and may contain inaccurate information.


If you don't see this banner on the top of the article, then it's most likely good to go.


In either case, what do you think of our new site? Vote with your reputation on here or the reacts on our Discord announcement!

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