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Reports Format and Rules

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Reports can be filed in two ways: Via the new forms system or the original format copy/paste. You can submit a report by using the new form found here, or you can copy and paste the below format into a topic and that will also be accepted.




Use following format for reports:
Offender's Name: (nickname/in-game name of offender) 
Service type: (MC survival/modded - TS - Forums - ...)
Reason: (What did the offender do?) 
Proof: (Screenshots, ...) 

Please provide valid and usefull information when reporting. Add screenshots for valid proof.
Report section rules:

  • No posting in others reports WITHOUT usefull information
  • Post a report in the right format please.
  • Always add pics as proof, telling people that you have seen it is no proof!
  • Make sure you have co-ordinates for the report listed if possible (for griefs etc). This makes checking your report a lot quicker for moderators.

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