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Gitlab and Announcements

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Hey, folks. For those who haven't been keeping up with our Discord, there's a fairly important announcement we have to make in regards to the Gitlab. Actually, we made it before - but failed to announce it on Discord in a timely fashion.


So, here's the general situation: due to a failure in a backup we made a while back (an error with Gitlab itself unfortunately, not user-error to our knowledge), LFS data was excluded from the backup. It took us a fair bit to realize this fact, but once we did it was already far too late.


All LFS data on the original Elaztek Gitlab is gone. There's nothing we can do to recover it. If you have your local files on hand, we advise making a backup and keeping those files held tight as they are likely the only copy with any LFS files. If your repository doesn't use LFS, you should be in the clear.


We are migrating to a new Gitlab at - creative hostname, I know. All data must be manually migrated - this includes wiki pages, tags, branches, issues, milestones, labels, and everything else. We are leaving the old gitlab online until sometime in July to allow users to move over. After the old Gitlab shuts down, the new Gitlab will likely return to the standard subdomain to keep things clean and consistent (assuming doing so wouldn't cause a plethora of problems).


The other part of this announcement is in regards to announcements themselves - we've been doing a pretty terrible job at actually announcing things timely. There's been a couple announcements that were late to the party, namely the one where we shut down most of the old gameservers. The Gitlab LFS data one was announced on forums, but never got a proper announcement on Discord until a while later.


This obviously is no way to do things and is something we promise to never repeat.


For slightly more information the LFS incident, check the original topic Michael posted a while back here.

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