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History Repeats Itself - Elaztek's Future

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Hey, everyone! We've got a once again well-after-the-fact announcement for you all.


As you know, last fall we announced the return of Galactiminer in the form of Galactiminer: Evolved, and showcased it appearing to gain a lot more progress than had ever been seen for Project: Infinity. We'd announced a Kickstarter campaign, and after it failed, we went silent.


No word was said regarding any of it since then.


Unfortunately, after the failure of the campaign, I'd been stuck in Walmart - a job very ill-fitting for my abilities on a variety of levels. This job sucked my time away, and I eventually had to drop this job. It was destroying my physically and mentally as I was in constant pain, and I'd been unable to do much of anything. The failure of the Kickstarter campaign marked the point where I'd lost most of my drive for Galactiminer.


That's why it all went quiet. Development went on a bit longer after the end of the failed campaign, but it eventually halted. Afterward, I'd moved on to work on Blamite again - as I found that working on Project: Infinity and Blamite were the two things I had true drive to do.


Galactiminer: Evolved was born out of a desire to avoid working at a job. That's why I started the campaign, and it eventually flopped. That's why after it failed, it all stopped. That's not to say that I don't like the ideas that I'd come up with for the new and improved Galactiminer, but this specific mode of execution wasn't one that lined up with what I would consider the right way to do things. It was a business move - and I'm not one to particularly be fond about the business side of things.


Why is this announcement titled 'History Repeats Itself'? Because for those of you not around back in 2013, when Galactiminer and Infinity were owned by Haloman Development, this is almost exactly what happened. Galactiminer was the original project, which was later shelved in favor of Project: Infinity.


So, what's next?


Project: Infinity will continue to be our primary focus moving forward. Starting first with the engine - Blamite - and then as it starts to progress, the content will start to be developed. We have donations open for anyone who would like to help out financially, and we will be continuing to look for anyone who wants to help work on the project.


We're open to anyone joining the team, whether you're wanting to work on the engine or on actual game content. Just keep in mind that it's going to be a while before we can start to build a cohesive game with our engine - as it can't even render 3D yet.


We have confirmed that the composer we had sought out for Galactiminer, Verblendet, will be sticking with us for Project: Infinity. He's a bit tied up with other stuff currently as he isn't exclusively working with Elaztek, but we'll definitely be sharing music once we have a completed piece to share with you.


What about Galactiminer?


We plan to revisit Galactiminer properly in the future, when we have the people and the funding. Galactiminer is a far too ambitious game for us to realistically accomplish right now. That's not to say it's impossible, but for our relatively small and unknown team, it may as well be. Creating a game engine is also ambitious, yes, but it's not hinging on technology that barely exists.


It's not dead, but it's going to remain on hold until we can do it right. Until then, we're gonna keep working on Project: Infinity and deliver on the promise we made all those years ago.



If you want to join the Project: Infinity team, head here.

If you want to join the Blamite Game Engine team, head here.

If you want to hop on our Discord, check it out here.

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