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About this blog

Update notes for the community will be posted here.

Entries in this blog


9/20/17 Mini-Update

A small yet important update has been made to the website.


* Modified navigation menu (see full details below)



NavBar changes:

+ Added dropdown: Community

+ Added dropdown: Elaztek

+ Added dropdown: Help

+ Added Leaderboard, Awards, Gallery, and Calendar to 'Community' dropdown

+ Added Helpcenter and Support Forum to 'Help' dropdown

+ Added Guidelines and Staff to 'Elaztek' dropdown

* Support is now under the 'Help' dropdown

* Downloads and Gitlab are now under the 'Elaztek' dropdown

* Blogs and Clubs are now under the 'Community' dropdown


Please be aware that the navigation menu is still up for future changes/improvements. If you wish for any improvements to be made to the navigation menu, please leave a comment on this update entry.


9/18/17 Update

An update has been applied to the website.


+ Added Report topic format

+ Added Report submission form

+ Added Ban Appeal topic format

+ Added Ban Appeal submission form

* Updated to IP.Board 4.2.4

- Removed Killerteddy


2/14/18 Website Update

Some changes have been made to the website. This also includes changes made between the major site update several days prior to this being made.


+ Added new homepage

+ Added new theme: Midnight 7

+ Added new site area: Helpcenter

+ Added new page: Bug Tracker

+ Added several new pages for internal team use

* Fixed day-one bugs with Midnight 7

* Archived forum for Project: Vista

- Removed Project: Vista subforum link in footer

- Removed killerteddy


This update includes changes from 3/5/2018 and 3/6/2018


Some updates and changes have been applied to the website.


+ Added subforum: Blamite Game Engine

+ Added website section: Blamite Game Engine (

+ Added new blog: Blamite Update Notes

+ Added new blog: Blamite Development Blog

* WinClassic is now compatible with the new homepage

* XboxChaos/TWG is now compatible with the new homepage

* CU Theme - Light is now compatible with the new homepage

* NuclearDistrict's Theme is now compatible with the new homepage

* Uniform, Midnight is now compatible with the new homepage

*  Elaztek Studios is now compatible with the new homepage

 * Chaotic Blue is now compatible with the new homepage

 * Chaotic Green is now compatible with the new homepage

 * Chaotic v3 is now compatible with the new homepage

 * Chaotic Metro is now compatible with the new homepage

* General improvements to WinClassic theme

* WinClassic theme now supports alertbox styles

* General improvements to XboxChaos/TWG theme

* General improvements to Midnight 7 theme

* Fonts fixed on the following themes: Chaotic Blue, Chaotic Green, CU Theme - Light, NuclearDistrict's Theme, Chaotic v3, Chaotic Metro

- Removed Project: Vista link from footer (on all themes that have a footer)

- Removed theme: Windows Classic (use WinClassic instead, it's a LOT better)

- Removed Killerteddy


Some small changes have been made to some of the themes on the website.


Midnight 7:

  + New styles for Quotes

  + New styles for Spoilers

  + New styles for alert boxes


The new styles can be seen below:


Uh oh, something went wrong! You know what didn't go wrong, though? This alert box's styling. :^)


Heads up! We got some new styles!


Success! These styles are A-OK!


Warning! Alert box update imminent!



The new Elaztek quote styles are the bestest thing ever to occur on the face of the planet like i dont think you appreciate the styling of this thing like its just so good and its got a border and its cleaner and its pretty and its amazing and and and and








A small change has been applied to the helpcenter.


* Anyone that does not have access to the site AdminCP will not be able to see the author of a helpcenter article

- Removed Killerteddy


Due to the change in the way helpcenter articles are displayed, any issues you may find browsing our helpcenter should be reported using the "Report Topic" link at the bottom of the article's content. This change was made to maintain a more professional look to the Helpcenter, as opposed to having it look like a blog.


+ Added some pretty banners to the official Elaztek blogs

+ Added new profile fields: Gitlab, Github, Xbox LIVE, Minecraft, Steam, PC Specs, CU Forums Username, Website, Gender

* Modified internal staff tasks to not show descriptions on importance level - the descriptions made it difficult and unclear what to select, as they were written in the context of bug fixing (over on CU) rather than, well, anything else.

* AdminCP now uses HTTPS

* Users will receive an email if their account is logged into from a new location

- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added recent news to homepage - now showing all the images (or a placeholder for old topics with no image)

+ Added latest updates block to homepage, shows some of the more important site updates as of recently

* Made new homepage blocks compatible with all themes

- Removed Killerteddy


3/19/2018 Bugfix

More bugs may still be present. If you find any, please let us know ASAP!


Some fixes have been applied to the website.


* Fixed numerous permission errors and inconsistencies across all ranks

* Premium and up can now edit their own content within 15 minutes of originally posting

* Fixed an issue that caused some groups to be unable to vote in polls or react to content

* Fixed an issue with some groups being unable to create blogs

* Premium and above will not see any CAPTCHA when submitting via the forms system

* Users can now create galleries

- Removed Killerteddy


6/28/2018 Update

A small update has been applied to the website.


+ Added banner images to the following site areas: Blogs, Clubs, Leaderboard, Gallery, Downloads, Awards, Calendar, Search

* Replaced banner image on Store page with an ingame screenshot

* Fixed incorrect theming with IPS internal embeds

- Removed Killerteddy


11/20/2018 Bugfix

* Fixed the Homepage News Manager page showing to regular users
* Fixed Team dropdown menu being visible to regular users
* Fixed featured calendar events not displaying to regular users on homepage


11/21/2018 Update

+ Added Issue Tracker

+ Added Issue Tracker category: Blamite Game Engine (BLAM)

+ Added Issue Tracker category: Elaztek Launcher (NTL)

+ Added Issue Tracker category: Project: Infinity (HALO)

* Disabled Bug Tracker category: Elaztek Launcher

* Disabled Bug Tracker category: Blamite Game Engine

- Removed Killerteddy


9/15/2019 Forums Update

This update includes changes from the past 2-3 weeks.


* Footer navigation for all Midnight themes is now linked together

* Reorganized navigation menu

* Reorganized backend page structure, archived legacy pages

- Removed Killerteddy


9/19/2019 Forums Update

+ Added new theme: Midnight 7.1

* Default theme set to Midnight 7.1

* Restructured navigation menu

* Lots of backend file cleanup

* Preparations to consolidate Issue Tracker into Bug Tracker

- Removed Killerteddy


9/20/2019 Forums Update

+ Added custom emoji from CU Forums (and some extra ones)
+ Added partners page
+ Added parnters page to navigation menu
+ Added new Blamite homepage
+ Added new Blamite homepage to navigation menu
* Help > About now has an icon on Midnight 7.1
- Removed old Blamite website
- Removed Killerteddy

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