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Elaztek Studios' roots can be traced all the way back to 2013, when the founder of the company first created a "company" named Haloman Development - abbreviated as HMD. Galactiminer and Project: Infinity can both be traced back to those origins, though very little real development wouldn't come until many years later.


Unlike Elaztek or Chaotic United's modern websites, which are more or less custom built - that is, run on a proper webserver with full control over site content and applications - these older websites were created using Webs (, which is an easy-to-use site builder service. They offer very limited control over what you can do, but are intended to make it so that those without the knowledge or experience to operate their own webserver were able to create a basic website.


Those websites got very little development and were officially retired once Elaztek Studios was launched. The websites have since only been maintained enough to ensure they continue to exist (in other words, periodically logging into the Webs account to ensure they weren't automatically removed).


However, on November 11, 2020, Webs announced that they would be shutting their doors and migrating all content over to Vistaprint - the parent company of Webs. However, only Premium Webs customers would have their content migrated over. Those who didn't have premium websites were told that their site would no longer be viewable or editable:



As of March 31, 2021, you will no longer be able to edit or view the published version of your free website hosted with Webs. We are so sorry for the inconvenience to you and would love to continue serving you as our customer under the Vistaprint brand,where our packages start at just $5 per month. We also offer design services to move your site to Vistaprint or create a brand new site for you.


In order to preserve the old websites (as awful as they are, seeing as they were made by a 13 year old), the websites were mirrored using WinHTTrack and will be hosted on our own webserver going forward. You can find all 6 Webs sites that were previously operated by haloman30 below, though not all of them were related to Elaztek. Additionally, a 7th site that was part of CU's history but wasn't hosted by haloman30 was also archived - and is also linked below.


Please keep in mind that, again, the quality of the websites are terrible. They were made by a 13 year old and, as such, contain some pretty dumb stuff and weird claims - and have been unaltered from those early iterations. Additionally, keep in mind that these websites are read-only. Several of them used to contain account and forum functionality, but these are dependent on Webs' backend systems - which are not available for these archives. As such, logging in, registering, or any other user content will simply do nothing. Think Wayback Machine.


Enjoy - if you can.


Elaztek Studios


Haloman Development




Project: Infinity


Chaotic United


Chaotic United


United Alycraft


Hurricane Gaming (HurricaneCraft) (not owned by haloman30)





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