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File Submission Guidelines

Many of our games are built from the ground up with mods and user-generated content in mind. The Blamite Game Engine itself is even designed around it. In addition to the engine having mod support built-in, we also offer a one-stop shop for mods and user content - accessible both within the website, as well as being able to manage, install, remove, and customize mods directly in each of our games.


Before creating and submitting any content to our Download Center, ensure you read over the following guidelines:

General Guidelines

  • Content must not contain malware, viruses, telemetry, spyware, etc. - Content containing anything that may harm or give the user content they may not want, such as viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, adware, telemetry, tracking, etc. will not be allowed and your access to the download center will be permanently revoked.
  • Cheats and hacks will not be permitted - Content that contains cheats, hacks, aimbots, etc. will not be allowed and your file will be rejected.
  • Content should be thoroughly tested - Bugs happen, we know that. No software is free of error. If your content is found to have damaging effects to gamesaves or cause other irreversible effects, your content will be displayed with a warning informing users of this fact until you are able to fix it.
  • No racism/hate speech - Content that contains racism, in that  the content supports racist activities, will be rejected. If your content is centered around racism as political/social commentary, and is against racism in this portrayal, then your content will not be rejected (atleast not for this reason). Essentially, if your content supports racism, it will be rejected.
  • No harassment/bullying - Content that is created as harassment towards Elaztek, its team, members of its community, or anyone else will be rejected. As with racism/hate speech, if your content makes commentary on this issue, it is permitted. It's when your content supports these actions that it becomes a problem.
  • Rules on NSFW Content - Content which contains mild adult themes are perfectly fine and (usually) won't be subject to any restrictions. If your content contains any strong adult themes, your content will require additional age verification from users to be downloaded. Content that contains illegal materials (ie, pedophilia) will not be permitted.
  • Your content must not contain stolen, ripped, or pirated assets - If your content contains assets that are not your own, is not public domain, and/or you do not have rights to use, it will be rejected.
  • We reserve the right to include your ideas, characters, concepts, and software created for our future or current projects - Elaztek Studios was born out of community passion for a larger franchise, and in staying true to being community-focused and driven, we like to incorporate community ideas here and there into our games, whether they be in the form of technical improvements, storylines, characters, and so on. Should your content or ideas ever directly influence or find their way into any official projects, you will not go uncredited. We will do our best to reach out to you and give you a chance to have your full name provided for proper credit. If we are unable to contact you, your display name on the website will be used instead.


Adult/NSFW Content

Adult content featuring nudity and other such things are generally considered acceptable, though are subject to a couple other minor guidelines:


  • Content which contains mild adult themes (and NO nudity) will be available as normal content.
  • Content which contains nudity or strong adult themes will only be available to users who are 18 years of age or older, but is subject to no other restrictions and is permitted.
  • Content which contains adult themes which are considered illegal (ie, non-consensual sexual behavior, sexual content depicting minors, etc) will not be permitted under any circumstance, and will likely result in a permanent account suspension.


Custom Tools and Applications

  • Tools which enable online cheating are not allowed - Any tools which enable cheating or hacking in an online setting will not be allowed. Cheats which made available purely for offline or custom games are allowed, as cheating in these areas doesn't cause harm to other players. Tools which involve hacking and malware will not be permitted under any circumstance however.
  • The application source must be provided either to Elaztek Studios, or the tool must be made open-source - We cannot under any circumstance allow malicious software onto our download center. The only way to guarantee this, unfortunately, is that we must have access to the source code of your tool. This includes any future updates to the tool. Only the Owner and Administrators will have access to this code if you choose to keep it closed-source, and we will never use your code for any purpose other than reviewing to ensure that the software is safe to use unless you grant us explicit, written permission. You may alternatively have your project open source on the Elaztek Gitlab, Github, or any other similar website instead.


If you are a mod author and are unsure if your content is permitted, just ask! You can message any of our staff on the website or Discord, or create a support ticket. More often than not, it'll be safe to upload - but if you feel your content is teetering on the edge - it's better safe than sorry.

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