About This File

This is the download for the RavenRunner game developed by Elaztek Studios and Ruletech Games Inc. Raven Runner is an Dungeon Runner game through many randomized dungeons that constantly keep expanding and increasing in difficulty. 


Please Note

If you are running Mac or Linux, you will need a program that can open .7z files in order to extract the games content.


For Android, you will need to enable Unknown Sources in order to install the game. 

What's New in Version 0.2.2


Raven Runner v0.2.2

- Ravens/Robots can now be killed via a powerup.
- Added Powerups that boost your speed. 
- Fixed Raven/Robots colliders to be much more precise.
- Fixed Bug where if the Ravens feet were below the map the whole body would fall through. Instead the feet just go above ground. 
- Added A score bonus to killing enemies.
- Players receive a small score bonus upon receiving a powerup. 

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