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Here, you can browse and/or report bugs with our various projects. Before you report anything, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Search first! Before reporting a bug, search and make sure it hasn't been reported already. Duplicate issues slow us down and will make it take longer for the issue to be resolved. Plus, it's more work for you having to write something you didn't need to.
  • Be kind. Don't be disrespectful or otherwise unpleasant in your bug report. You're not helping anyone by doing so.
  • This is not a support site. If you have issues or need help with something relating to any of our games or projects, check our support forum. This area is for bugs only.

Any projects that use our issue tracker will have their logo shown below. Simply click it and you will be taken to that project's issue list. For issues with our website, please use the old bug tracker found here.

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