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  • Foundation: Windows Forms, WPF Interface: MetroFramework, MahApps.Metro dev
+ Added new experimental features in Project: Infinity tab
+Added new themes added by MahApps.Metro
* Ported core application to WPF, some windows continue to utilize Windows Forms (and WPF may be discontinued in favor of Forms
* Configuration is now integrated into the main window
* Developer Tab removed at runtime, can be accessed in developer versions from the title bar
* Dark theme is now the default selection
- Removed a few themes only applicable to MetroFramework
- Removed Launcher Output tab, can be accessed in the main window via the title bar
- Removed ability to maximize (because WPF is retarded >_<)
- Removed CEFsharp depdendencies, makes launcher much lighter and smaller filesize (plus it didn't work worth a damn anyway .-.)

Edited by haloman30

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