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    We're Looking for new Team Members!


    Hey there! Are you a fan of Halo? Maybe even a modder? Or maybe you're just interested in game development.


    Recently we just cut out a few of our inactive team members (mainly ones who came over from CU) and we're looking to help replace those roles and then some. In either case, we're looking for new people to join our team! The Blamite Game Engine and Project: Infinity won't make themselves - we need a team to help bring them to life.


    If you're interested in helping out with Project: Infinity, check out the Project: Infinity signup page. If you're more interested in the engine itself, you can check out the Blamite signup page.


    Our requirements aren't too strict, we ask only that you have some level of skill in the area you're looking to apply for, and that you have a good attitude. We tend to be fairly casual in our staff-only chats on Discord and Forums, and we tend to be fairly laid back overall. If that sounds like an environment for you then by all means - apply!


    Project: Infinity Team Signup Page Blamite Game Engine Team Signup Page

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