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    Dedicated Server Calamity



    You may have noticed that a large majority of Elaztek’s services are down. Last night I observed our dedicated server experiencing some strange behavior, to which I thoroughly researched and decided to leave the dedicated server alone since the strange behavior did not cause any problems at this time. On July 3oth at 1PM all services on the dedicated server started to lag severely for no reason. With this affecting every service on the dedicated server, I made the personal decision to start shutting down all services on the machine then booting into recovery mode to start diagnosing the issues. Halo and I initially thought it was a hard drive failure to which I looked into and immediately debunked that it was a hard drive issue. I then started running tests on the processor which took an hour to diagnose and determine that it was once again not the issue. I immediately started running tests on the memory modules and it was quickly determined that the memory was more then likely the source of the lag. I immediately started working with our upstream provider to arrange the memory modules be replaced. We did have a bit of setbacks though, the repair initially was not done correctly the first time, and was quickly rectified. We are currently running tests on the dedicated server to make sure the memory is working correctly.



    The following services are affected:

    Raven Runner CDN



    Percona / MySQL Database


    We will be sure to keep you updated on the situation.


    ~ Michael

    Elaztek CEO / Dedi Master

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