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How do Reports Work?

This article is not yet finished and may contain inaccurate information.


Our system for reporting disallowed content, cheating players, hackers, and so on is handled through a similar system as Chaotic United, with some modifications.


The classic way of submitting reports, which is copying/pasting a format in a pinned topic into a new topic, then filling out the fields, is still entirely supported. However, a new system has been put in place to help users out and to streamline the process. That new system is a dedicated form that, when filled out, will automatically generate a topic.


That being said, the way reports are handled from our end is largely the same as it has always been. When a report is filed, we will look over the topic and either take action if need be, inquire about the event to the accused user, or if the report is false, no action is taken and a warning point may be given to the reporter.





Common Questions


Q: Why are reports made public?

A: Reports are made public so that other users may support or detract from the report, and so that the accused user may have a platform to defend him/herself.


Q: What is considered a false report?

A: A false report is someone reporting someone for something they did not do. Take this for example: say you are doing horrible in online multiplayer and your K/D ratio is 0.1, or to put it more simply, someone beats you out in matchmaking. Let's say you then accuse them of hacking when they are clearly just better at the game for one reason or another. If you are just smack-talking, this is no issue. But if you then move to submit a report on the user and ultimately just waste everybody's time, you will likely suffer an infraction to your account, possibly even a temporary ban from online multiplayer in severe/repeat cases.


Q: What if someone is actually hacking?

A: If someone is genuinely using cheats or hacks to gain an advantage, this is not allowed and it will warrant punishment.

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