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Custom Map Locked - Why Can't I Access It?

This article contains details about features not yet implemented. Anything seen here is subject to change.


In some cases, you may see this in your list of custom maps:



If the standard map icon displays as a padlock icon, then the map is locked.


What does this mean?

This means that the content within the map is inaccessible due to special protection put in place by either the map creator, yourself, or by Elaztek Studios. This will often be the case when trying to access official levels from the game. This may also be seen when the map creator has chosen to lock their level from external editing. By default, community levels are not locked and can be freely extracted and modified.


If you are certain the content is not locked, ensure that no other restrictions are in place. Additionally, make sure that:

  • The content is not region locked
  • The content is not read-only (primarily, the level.dat and the level's .scenario tag. Be sure to check the folders themselves as well)
  • The content is not an official level



How can I get around this?

You can't - at least, not entirely. If it is a community level, you may ask the creator for an unlocked version of the map. Official levels will not be able to be unlocked.


If you need to use individual assets from a community level, you can use Assembly to extract the appropriate tags as needed. Most tags from our games can be downloaded on the store, without the need for extracting them from the levels themselves. Please note that submitting content using custom tags from a community-created level without permission will not be accepted. Any content that is successfully submitted that is found to contain such content without the creator's permission will be removed, and you will not be allowed to use the download center for 30 days. Repeat infractions will result in your download permissions being permanently suspended.


Someone used my tags in their level. What can I do?

Sometimes these things slip through the cracks. If someone is using your content without your permission, you can click the "Report This File" button.




We take these violations seriously. If a file is reported, we will investigate immediately - including checking the raw data of a level, not just what is shown ingame.


I was reported wrongly! How can I dispute a false report?

In most cases, we check very hard to ensure that no false punishments occur. If we screw up however, and you are wrongly punished, please submit a ban appeal by either using the form here, or by using the traditional way of copying/pasting a format from the topic here.

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