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These are the people who lead the company. They are involved in most, if not everything that happens within Elaztek Studios.


These people administer the servers and/or forums, and ensure everything is running smoothly.


These folk manage game servers and make sure that you're able to have a smooth online experience with our games.


Advisors are special members who serve to guide our decisions and give input when needed. While most of our team gives feedback, these guys are generally more notable members of either the community, or are former staff of Elaztek or Chaotic United.

Voice Acting Team

These people are tasked with delivering stellar voice acting for our characters in our stories. Without them, the stories we create would be devoid of personality.

Art Team

These people create everything you'll see ingame. Literally. Any texture, 3D model, HUD element, and muzzle flash was make by someone in here. They may also contribute to our website from time to time as well.

Audio Team

These people create the ear-pleasing sound effects as well as the beautiful melodies you hear ingame. They're responsible for all things sound.

Development Team

These people are the backbone of our games. They help create the engine, the tools, and everything in between to ensure that we can create games that are enjoyable, as well as ensure that you - the community - can mod and tweak it to your liking.

Story Team

These are the people who write our stories. They plan out and script every aspect of our campaigns, to ensure that we can succeed in both gameplay and story.


These people moderate our games, as well as our Forums and Discord, to ensure that the community guidelines aren't being broken left and right. They generally help keep order within the community.


These people help out with the operation of the community. They might also assist with the game development process as well.


These are people hand-picked from our community to help beta test our games. While we may run Insider flights to parts of the community, our Testers tend to be involved in testing much earlier builds of our games.


These are members who have been in Elaztek or within Chaotic United for a long time.


These are members who donate to ensure we can keep the lights on. Thanks guys! ❤️


These are people who have joined our awesome community.


These are members who have either requested their accounts be closed, or have been banned from the forums for repeat violations of our guidelines.

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