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File Submission Guidelines

This article is not yet finished and may contain inaccurate information.


File Submission Universal Rules

  • Content must not contain malware, viruses, telemetry, spyware, etc. - Content containing anything that may harm or give the user content they may not want, such as viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, adware, telemetry, tracking, etc. will not be allowed and your access to the download center will be permanently revoked.
  • Cheats and hacks will not be permitted - Content that contains cheats, hacks, aimbots, etc. will not be allowed and your file will be rejected.
  • Content must not damage game data - Bugs happen, we know that. No software is free of error. If your content is found to have damaging effects to gamesaves (or even accesses/modifies a player's savegames) then your content may not be outright denied, but a notice MUST be attached to your submission stating that it utilizes savegames and that there is a risk of save loss. If your content breaks savegames easily, in that it isn't a rare bug of sorts, then your item will be rejected and you must fix the bug before re-submission.
  • No racism/hate speech - Content that contains racism, in that  the content supports racist activities, will be rejected. If your content is centered around racism as political/social commentary, and is against racism in this portrayal, then your content will not be rejected (atleast not for this reason). Essentially, if your content supports racism, it will be rejected.
  • No harassment/bullying - Content that is created as harassment towards Elaztek, its team, members of its community, or anyone else will be rejected. As with racism/hate speech, if your content makes commentary on this issue, it is permitted. It's when your content supports these actions that it becomes a problem.
  • Your content must not be used as an advertising/marketing platform - If your content is made as a form of advertising your own brands/content, it will be rejected. Content that is linked to or promotes Chaotic United, Nuclear District, Poke-Masters, Chaotic District, MineDNS, or other affiliated brands is permitted. If you wish to have your brand advertised/promoted in your content, use this form to inquire about it and we will get back to you.
  • Your content must not contain extreme pornographic/NSFW content - Content which contains mild adult themes are perfectly fine and (usually) won't be subject to any restrictions. If your content contains any strong adult themes, your content may require additional age verification from users to be downloaded. Content that contains illegal materials will not be permitted.
  • Your content must not contain stolen, ripped, or pirated assets - If your content contains assets that are not your own, is not public domain, and/or you do not have rights to use, it will be rejected.

File Submission Project: Infinity Specific Rules

  • Content from the Official Halo games will not be accepted - This isn't because we don't want to accept such content, but because we simply can't. If your content contains ripped assets from the official games, including models, sounds, textures, tags, etc. it will be automatically rejected. (If you have something truly special however and you want to share it with us, feel free to send it towards a CEO, Manager, or Admin and we'll take a look at it!)
  • Your content must follow the Microsoft Game Content Usage Rules - Content that does not follow Microsoft's own guidelines will be rejected. Again, this is because if we were to accept it, we risk legal action being taken from Microsoft.

Third-Party Tool Creation

  • You will not be allowed to submit tools that enable hacking and/or cheating - Tools that enable cheats (Trainers) will be rejected.
  • Source code may be required from Elaztek Studios - We will never require you to open-source your hard work, but in some cases we may require that you share your source with Elaztek's leaders for us to look over and ensure there's nothing shady going on. This applies for future updates and revisions as well. We will never share your source code with anyone - only CEO's and some Administrators will have access to it. You will be told specifically who will have access to the source code before you provide it if requested. (Don't worry about it too much, more often than not we won't require your source code).
  • You must provide a VirusTotal or other reputable scan service for your tools - Tools or programs you upload must include a virus scan via either VirusTotal or another reputable site. Your content will not be allowed without this.

Content Hosted outside of the Elaztek Marketplace

  • If you provide content on websites outside of or other authorized Marketplaces/Download Centers for Elaztek, you will receive an account strike.
  • If you would like to be an authorized third-party Marketplace/Download Center for Elaztek, send a message to haloman30.

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