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Company Culture

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Ever wanted to know what it's like to be a team member at Elaztek?


Haloman30: It's pretty crazy when you first start, but if you know what you're doing you can still perform. ;)


Wolfbitez: i'd say it's quite fun as it's encouraged me to be more open and creative, learn new programming languages


Soggy: "Lots of room for creative opportunity"













All joking aside, we have a very relaxed sense of how we run the company. We do have a few set roles, but aside from that we have a very chilled out approach to game development and the work that we do.


We have two main types, or "classes" of positions in the company as of September 2017:


Unpaid/Volunteer: This is the primary/major position type we have currently. Being a younger company, and with a lot of our work focused on fan/community projects, we don't have the funds to afford to pay a team of developers to work on projects that legally cannot make us a dime. Generally, working on fan projects will result in not being paid. Our goal is to eventually reach a point where fan projects can be developed alongside our own games and IP's, and for us to be able to pay employees working on these projects, or on our own IP's. Being unpaid, however, means that there is a significantly lower barrier to entry, and we can generally accept as many team member as we need/want.


Paid/Employee: While not many, there are a few employees that fit into this category as early as September 2017. These folks currently consist of Raven Runner/RTG support representatives. We are not accepting new paid applicants at this time.



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