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A Brief History of Elaztek Studios

This article is not yet finished and may contain inaccurate information.


Inception (2013)


Elaztek Studios roots can be traced back to 2013. While Elaztek itself was founded privately in 2016, and wasn't officially launched until 2017, it began under a different name called Haloman Development (HMD). This was a hobby project by haloman30 as a young child, who wanted to make fun games. The site was created April 14, 2013 via Webs. Of course, this young child did not have the needed skills to pull off such a feat. As a result, Haloman Development became a distant memory, an abandoned website. It posted its final update (pre-Elaztek) on July 17, 2013. This was not the first website administration project that the young haloman30 did. He also experimented with a website called 'HaloFansZone', powered by DoodleKit. This too lasted a short period and was eventually abandoned.


Despite the uninspired name, and despite it being a foolish vision of a young boy, many of the ideals and even projects planned for Haloman Development were carried on to Elaztek Studios. Project: Infinity has been an idea since 2013, as well as another indie title called Galactiminer. The original name planned was Galacticraft, but this name was quickly found to be the name of a Minecraft mod. Galactiminer was set to be a game similar to Murder Miners, which was a strange yet fun mashup of Halo and Minecraft. This game, while it has never been really developed, the project is property of Elaztek Studios and may be revisited in the future. Project: Infinity and Galactiminer each had websites separate from each other, all through Webs. Galactiminer thus far has had the closest to a release, as it had a Minecraft mod created that had a select few planned concepts. Even so, it was never really much.



Re-United (2014-2016)


In late 2014, haloman30 and alycat revived a gaming community called Chaotic United. The community was founded on April 26, 2011 and continues to be maintained today by haloman30 and alycat. This project was the first somewhat successful operation that haloman30 had a major hand in constructing (or, well, reconstructing). It has primarily focused on a Minecraft server, but is being set to have major expansions as time goes on. What does this have to do with Elaztek Studios? It was in 2016, during a particularly slow year for CU that led to haloman30 buying the domain The Elaztek name dates as far back as 2015, but it was never made to anything beyond that - an idea. It was planned to have Elaztek be a major partner with CU until the end of time. But then, something happened. Remember how I mentioned that 2016 was a slow year? Well, that fact led to a major event happening that is indirectly a reason that Elaztek exists today.


Rising From the Ashes (2017)


The events that transpired on CU were...horrible. There was major power shifting every couple weeks, constant drama, and so much more that was just so unpleasant for everyone involved. We won't get into any juicy details here. What ultimately was concluded is that Alycat (who was exiled from CU entirely) would return to CU as an Owner once more, Kryptoaware (AwakenedRage) would join with haloman30 and they would start something brand new - Elaztek Studios was finally going to launch. Everyone who held staff ranks at CU at the time would get an equivalent rank on Elaztek just by joining - and every last staff member joined. Ruletech Games had joined up with Elaztek to continue development on Raven Runner - a project which had its roots in another game called Demoria Online. While the game itself is vastly different, nearly 70% of the code for Demoria was put to good use in Raven Runner.


New Dawn (September 2017 - Present)


As of September 2017, major events were occurring behind the scenes. Ruletech Games was having trouble internally, and this would come to an ultimatum - RTG would be dissolved. This was an upsetting event to occur, but it laid out the pathways to Elaztek's future. With RTG closing down, Elaztek would evolve further - and would cement itself into the world as a true company - Elaztek Studios, LLC. This is where we are today.





Here are various links to sites referenced in the above article. Be warned, they are incredibly cringe-worthy. Prepare yourself. ;) 



Haloman Development Website: 

Old Galactiminer Website: 

Old Project: Infinity Website: 

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