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About Us

Blamite is a game engine being developed by Elaztek Studios. We plan to use it in Project: Infinity and the majority of our projects going forward. This enigne is our most ambitious project ever. It is being designed to operate similarly to Halo's Engine (unofficially known as Blam), and use many of the same basic ideas of operation - with some of our own blood mixed in, of course.

But the real question is: why?

We are developing this for the same reason we are developing Project: Infinity. Out of passion. The Blam engine is an incredibly fun engine to play with, and with our first project being Project: Infinity - a fan made Halo game, it's a match made in heaven. Beyond that, we plan to continue to develop and update the engine from here on moving forward.


We believe that Blamite is legal for the same reason ReactOS, ElDewrito, and other projects are legal. Halo's engine is not sold on its own, only games made with it are sold. On top of that, we have a strict policy against using any reverse engineering to decompile official game executables. We don't use any official code - decompiled or leaked somehow - from the official games. Period.

If you are a Microsoft or 343 Industries employee and you determine that our work is ultimately not within legal bounds, we would love to discuss with you, and we're more than willing to cooperate. You can reach us by using our contact form or via emailing us at [email protected].