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The Blamite Game Engine is our ambitious first step into the gaming industry, and the framework for all of our games going forward.

So, what exactly is this thing anyway?

Blamite is being built to operate and behave similarly to Blam - the unofficial name of the engine used by the official Halo games. This isn't a reverse engineering project, nor does it use any official Bungie, 343i, or Microsoft code. This is being built from the ground up.

Interested in helping out?

Are you a Halo fan with game design skills? Are you an experienced modder of the Blam engine? Are you a map creator for Halo Custom Edition or Halo 2 Vista? If any of these are you, keep reading.

Current Positions

We are looking for developers to help in these areas.

3D Rendering

  • JMS Format Developers
  • JMAD Format Developers
  • 3D Rendering
  • Lighting
  • Particles/FX


File and I/O

  • Cache File (.MAP) I/O
  • Tag Reading/Writing
  • Savegames (Campaign, Gametype, Forge)
  • File Security/Integrity



  • Netcode Engineers
  • Dedicated Server Software Developers
  • Profile Integration & Online Storage
  • Achievement Management
  • FragBan Anticheat Developers



  • Config Files
  • Splitscreen
  • MegaloGameEngine
  • Audio/SFX
  • Developer Tools (Sapien, Guerrilla, Tool)
  • Debug Tools (Halo CEA Menu, Console, Pancam, etc)

For questions, legal concerns, or if you just want to say hello, click below to reach out to us!

Contact Us


Check out the progress of our engine, a thousand words at a time.

Debug UI Theming

Background, interface options, colors, and more!

View full image


A core feature of the engine. Work in progress.

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Debug UI

A debugging interface using ImGui, with custom theme support and ease of use.

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Crash Screen

Blamite's crash screen. Used in development builds for showing crash info onscreen.

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Guerilla (alpha)

The Blamite version of Guerilla, written in C#. Capable of reading/writing uncompressed tags.

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