About Us

Learn more about who we are.

Elaztek was founded in 2015, by a young high school student with a bold dream.

At the time, the gaming industry was filled with corruption at seemingly every turn. So many game studios were being bought out, or turned against their founding principles and dug deeper into anti-consumer practices. That young high school student continued to become sick of all of the nonsense and wanted to try and do something different - to build a studio that would never fall to corruption, to build a company that always put the consumer first.

That company would be called Elaztek Studios.

Elaztek's roots go further back than 2015, however. It can be traced back to the year 2013, to that student's former project called Haloman Development. It never got off the ground, but that student always wanted to build up something - never with the same fiery passion for consumer respect, as that was born out of corruption within an industry, corruption that the then-13-year-old was unaware of.

That 13-year-old, that student, was none other than haloman30.

Elaztek had not truly launched until 2017. From 2014 up until that point, haloman30's sole project was a revival of a gaming community called Chaotic United. It was numerous drama and failures and setbacks that occurred on Chaotic United that ultimately led to Elaztek Studios launching.

Elaztek continues to grow and expand with each passing day. We continue to look towards the future and we will continue to think about you - the consumer - before anything else. This is our promise.

This is our mission.